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is this still being developed? I thought it was pretty good.

Do you guys have a discord or something?

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alright this is the last one for a while until the next major update because I think I finally settled on a build I really enjoy. Turbocharged + Impulse boosters go brr.

I plugged in my controller and my gaming skills improved by 200%.

Very silly request but would there be a way to have an optional dynamic FOV effect that increases the FOV at higher speeds? Some games like Apex Legends do that and I think it's very cool. Also can I get a confirmation on what the "Damping" with X,Y and Z effect does? nvm I figured it out

Yes I mostly pick rally points or easy missions until I pick a Hard one and die.

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ah I see, that does make a lot of sense.

Also! Forgot to mention! Keybinds aren't saving! I usually rebind F for missiles since pressing middle mouse button is very awkward to me and I need to rebind it everytime the game boots. Mech loadouts are saving just fine though

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Uploaded 2 videos this time! Decided to leave some music on the background this time around (though the audio mixing in general is really poor, I did no editing, really)

This time I went for a more "normalpilled" build, lots of boosting and flying around. First video is third person while the second video I tried out first person gameplay. I *really* like that you give the option to play in first person even if it's very difficult. I really like when mech games let you do that. Also I've finally been corrupted by the Large Missile.

Something I desperately would love to be fixed is that first person gun audio is absolutely cranked out to max. I don't want to reduce the SFX volume too much since I rely on it a lot on gameplay but playing in first person almost requires it due to the insane audio mixing (probably due to the camera proximity)

Also, I don't know if it's intentional but I feel like stability in general could really benefit with a buff? Stability goes down VERY easily no matter what build I make for some reason and, of course, it really messes with aiming. I think having it be just a tad less punitive would really make the game easier to mess around with different builds since I feel the big problem whenever I try something different is that stability makes accuracy terrible (maybe I'm missing something very obvious here with my builds, I don't know). It feels at odds with the general gameplay since you're supposed to fly around and boost a lot but both of those things give you a massive stability hit even though it's main way you move around, which means its very difficult to hit enemies. If this is how its supposed to work in order to incentivize the player into something then I fully understand because I might just not be getting it, and that's fine tbh.

Funnily enough, that ground type gameplay I uploaded before gives me less stability problems since I can rely on melee weapons more (due to being more grounded) but I also take less of a hit to stability since I'm not in the air most of the time.

is this related to Reprise?

Yeah if I can manage braking, then I should probably be able to initiate running earlier and keep up speed after impulse boosts. 

I didn't play much halo but I did play Destiny which has similar vehicle controls. I've usually not been much of a fan but I didn't realize this was similar.

and I just saw the gameplay showcase for AC6 and I think it looks really cool, can't wait to play that too!

This is amazing! Love the artstyle and the characters and the gameplay is quite fun even if I don't fully get it

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Wonder if there's a way to increase the braking speed without losing too much max speed so the mech can start running again sooner after bursts while also having enough running speed to dodge attacks, I'll have to tinker a bit. Ideally the mech would go back to running the moment the boost finishes but if that can't be achieved then I'll have to think about it a bit more

I like Ground-type gameplay more because it feels more tactical and I guess "realistic"? not in the mechwarrior sense, it's just that mechs using boost 24/7 as their main method of movement and flying around always felt weird to me. I always liked it more when boost is used in short bursts in conjunction with the movement to achieve good speeds and dodging (something kinda like Titanfall) so I tried to mimic that 

Also I absolutely love melee in this game. Melee weapons feel good to use and are genuinely useful. I think I found out that the sword can do a ground slam from the air when targeting a grounded enemy and it was the coolest thing I ever did. Wish more mech games did weapons as good as you did.

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Posting a gameplay video 

I found a gameplay/build style I really enjoy and wanted to show it off

I really like using Cruise III legs and Impulse boosters with medium/light armor to mimic gundam(? prob something more like Muv Luv actually)-like fights, it lets me run around a lot as my main movement while using boosters as a dodge instead, feels pretty easy to use and reliable. EZ[G]Burst also helps a lot. Only problem is that when boost dodging there's a small window where your mech won't move the legs to keep running but that's probably related to how boost works for "normal" builds.  Rockets also seem way more reliable to me than missiles for some reason (except Large Missiles lmao)

Despite all that I still get smoked when caught in a bind against missile massacres, but that's on me

Having trouble trying to input Fast Blade, doesn't seem to be recognized by the draw pad

ah, nice, I like to see the updates
Those are all great things to focus on!

The only thing I'd maybe add is to allow players to cancel their attacks, maybe at least light attacks, with boosting. 

Maybe a camera lock on too (but maybe that's what you meant with hard lock option?).

Anyways, glad you're working on this because it looks great! Can't wait to see more!

This is so cool! the whole demo is VERY promising, it just needs more polish. I'm sure once the game has had more development it will be absurdly fun
reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles (with a bit of FF, of course) in aesthetics, and I really like how the mechs are handled here

Are there plans for non-city maps? or adding elevation to the ground floor?

this is great! love the mission structure now 

can't wait to see more of it

is there any description to how the assault pack, maneuver pack and dynamo packs work?

This is absurdly cool and fun! I just think having to switch between the flight and hover modes while boosting a bit weird (maybe do it like armored core where its hover by default but quickly tapping it again while letting go transitions to flight?). Really like how combat is varied, fast paced, but also simple

I really like running with the mechs now, but the way it defaults to boosting movement most of the time and the slowdown you get when transitioning from boosting to running could be reduced to make the gamefeel a bit smoother, maybe

agreed it's SO good

The cockpit looks really cool! It's something I was really meaning to ask if you were gonna do and I'm glad it's in. More mecha games need first person cockpit view modes!

Nice. really love the game so far. can't wait to see more

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There seems to be a bug in the Larder where if you interact with the rightmost side, you go to Ikshum Heights, which doesn't seem to be intended.