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Disaster Tourism

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Thanks so much for the AP post Dave! Was awesome to read your experience and your beautiful cat 🥺

Oh my goodness thank you so much for this comment! This means the world!

I haven’t had a chance to look through most of the entries yet, But I would say yes if they use multiple dice types or are longer than 4 pages of rules they would not fit the requirements. however the spirit of the jam to me was more about using the restrictions to inspire creativity. I’m not personally vetting  the  entries as they aren’t to be ranked, and I am running a crowdfunding campaign right now so can only focus on one thing.

FYI I've uploaded a single file of the character sheet. If you wanna take a community copy of the PDF or I can email it to you :)

yeah the singles download file has a single page for the character sheet. I hadn’t considered just making that page it’s own upload to be honest! I can take care of that tomorrow!

oh there will be! Check the rewards section of the campaign page! 

for my two games I included EVERYTHING in the 4 pages. However, the guidelines aren't really "strict" so If you have a few extra pages that aren't strictly core rules and just add flavor, I think that's fine :) Sorry for the delay in replying! I just saw this!

Hey! Not sure what happened but here's a new one!

That's fair! I think a d2 is a valid choice :)

I think for this one I'd stick to the single dice type. However I'm not going to police people's submissions, as the restrictions are there for fun, not for hang ups!

sure! I’m not your dad. 

oh hell yeah! Thanks Sean!

Ive uploaded several new version including a B&W spreads and singles, and plaintext!

hey there! i've just uploaded several new docs including a booklet pdf!

thanks friend!

thank you! I’m going to try to upload a b&w version tonight (or at least a text option) as per request by another person for printers. 

you’re welcome to a refund if you found it to be too expensive. 

good suggestion! I can def upload a singles version- I’ll do that for WYRD as well, and I’ll see what I can do for the Booklet version!

good call! Totally spaced on that :) I’ll try to get one uploaded tonight if I have some time 

thank you so much for the kind words!! 

so many! I’m so impressed with what folks came up with!

haha you and two others! So glad you did!

was gonna add another week tonight :)

yep! I only used two suits for this game tho I do plan to update this game with a new edition in the coming months. 

you’re in luck!

thank you 

this is not a ranked jam. It’s just a community oriented jam. But I am considering doing a bundle printing of personal favorites in the future. 

hi there! Thanks for question!

There isn’t an SRD for the game however you’re free to completely copy the game and use it for your own creation if you wish. The jam rules are pretty broad while still staying relatively close to the theme. 

And your idea for scifi/JP would be FANTASTIC

thanks so much for sharing the review Phillipa! I appreciate you!

hey! I am actually working on that idea right now. I’m considering running a game jam for anyone who is interested in doing so and will likely have some guidance in that way. 

Also I’m not sure why but the discord links don’t seem to work on itch but if you copy and paste them into your browser it should work. Or you can check my carrd link. 

hey so the suits will determine your weather as shown on the brochure and the number of the card+the d66 roll will give you the keywords. D2+1 is just flipping a coin to determine 1 or 2 +1 to find the amount of calls you get per week (2 or 3)

Hi! You'll need a coin, a d20, 2d6 (d66) and a deck of cards!

ope! That's strange, it was set to never expire. I'm updating the Bucket Bash page right now

this is such a useful and simple tool! Thanks!