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Hi, thanks for the feedback! We just uploaded the final release of the game. We tried to fix most of the issues :)

Glad you got the chance to play our game! I've got no idea why or what happened, but it's likely that it was a false positive. I've made a new build without the Unity tracking (which is on by default). 

I would add a "rubber band" or  "sticky" effect to the camera. Use the right stick to move the camera slightly and once the player releases the stick, the camera goes back to were it was.

Great stuff! I wasn't expecting that many puzzles but I'm glad you've managed to put them in!

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Hi, that sounds really odd, can you tell me which version did you download to help me troubleshoot this issue? can you post a screenshot of the error/message?

Good mechanics, clean visual style, the camera could be improved but overall very good concept!

Hello itch! Here is my dissertation project, you can play the artefact and read the paper here:

This project was made over few months to get my Bachelor's in Game Development. The artefact was not the main focus of the project, and the workflow of it was disrupted by the pandemic(turns out transitioning between devices takes time!). However, I'd appreciate if you read the paper and let me know your opinions.