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Let's collab!!!

Thank you so much!

At the moment you can listen the song here:

Maybe one day I'll upload it also on Spotify...

I'm planning to release another videoclipgame in the next days.

It seems that this jam will no start... There's no theme announcement at the moment

... Right?

It's not a bug , it's a GOD feature!
Nice job.

Really nice!

Nice idea . As you told , you need to develop the game more than now but there's potential in it.

Thank you so much!

I'm happy you enjoyed the song: The goal of this game was to create a sort of "videogameclip" for the song.

I've written and played the song more than one year ago but until now I had no idea how to " promote" the song.

This game is an attempt to create a short videogame that lasts until the song end: for this reason I'll not expand the game ... Otherwise I have also to expand the song.

But, if you like the format "a short videogame for a song", stay tuned on my account because I have another song that needs to be narrated through a videogame.

Good creepy atmosphere!

Cool idea!

This game should be included in one of the Italian Decree-law: if your cart is overfull , you lose all the "spesa"!

more than one week but it seems that we have to stay at home for many and many days...

eheh, mi sembra una cosa fantastica... se hai bisogno di un folle che ti segue in questa idea, conta su di me!

Nice game! With this game I had the opportunity to "go in the street". You know, here in Italy, now it's forbidden to go out...

Very nice game! It seems to be too difficult for me but I love the graphics.

Ahaha ! A new genre: FPF ( First Person Feeder)!

If only old people here in Italy were able to play the game, maybe they will avoid to go outside...

thank you much! Your sentence describes well the intent of the game.

Hi Evercloud,

a tip: it's a 10 chars long word.

very relaxing game, I like both the song and the game design

Pretty cool game ! I like how you draw the main char ass :D

nice game,bro!

very nice game ,dude!

I think I'll follow you to see how it will be your next game!

Hi Ashk!

my sentence wasn' t a request about updating the game but it was an exclamation related to the fact here in Italy we normally think all the time about food and now we are all in quarantine we think about food twice as before !!

I think I'll go fat as the main char of you game XD


More burgers please!

Don't tell to the People you have done a game like this, otherwise here in Italy the Prime Minister will make a Decree Law to oblige everyone to have this game on the smartphone! ;)

really addictive!

Hi Ocsamad,
Thank you so much!
If you like this kind of game , stay tuned on my account ;)

Due to the covid19 quarantine, I'll have more time to do games and probably in two weeks I'll make a new game.



Tank you so much correojon!
A little tip : the "word" is made of 10 characters.

and maybe you were not able to test the game as a Windows Exe because it seems you have a Mac :D

Previously I've made a Windows Executable for this game that was able to detect a lot of information about the machine in which it was running. The Web Edition has access to the system info via browser and  so they are less than the ones I can access via Windows Exe. I've decided to make a Web Edition because the mayority of people doesn't want to install a Exe  File in its PC.

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As far as I know, You are the first one!
I hope you liked the idea (and the song).

Thank you so much for the review!

The only way to survive is to find a word. An italian one. Go and find it!

Hope you like the song.

Hi GreenBlackCrow,

thank you for your feedback.

You're right, I've to refine the game to be more enjoyable... Unfortunately I had no time to focus on this game ,it is a very busy time at the moment.

I hope to fix it in the next days following your suggestions.

Thank you so much , graves! I like the idea of the radar, probably I'll implement it in the next days.

Thank you so much,PseudoBytes.

As you know, we did not have so much time to refine the game in all its aspects ... Maybe I'll refine the gameplay in the next days.

Thank you so much

i like the aesthetic so much!

funny game!