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Bravissimo, Final Fantasy doesn’t come close to this!

we used WASD + IJKL for controls J for Melee Attack I for Ranged Ice Spell K for Jump L for Ice Wall we wanted to include all the major abilities for this prototype but i couldn’t make it in time for the jam :) not sure if all the listed abilities are in the final jam build though

  1. fair :)

  2. i meant switching sides, like “WASD + JKL” or “Arrow keys + ZXC”, probably just because i’m not very familiar with old games i would prefer to use WASD. Funny thing, could that mean that preferring WASD over Arrow keys means you’re “not an oldschool gamer” ? :D

oh wow! i mean since you play FPS games with WASD and third person games with WASD, unless you use a controller, and even then when you use controller, your movement stick is on the left so that’s why i’m so confused as to why people prefer arrow keys on keyboard

yeah, we didn’t have much time to make anything finished because we started waaay late :) but we wanted to at least push something people can jump and play around with


Awesome game and very well polished! The camera felt a little bit too close to the character and fixed movement gave me a bit of a dizziness

Damn, that’s a full metroidvania for ya! It has new abilities, it has new areas to explore and even has the save function.

My only complain for keyboard users is “how can you actually play it with arrow keys + ZX and not WASD + some other keys”

Darksouls meets Metroidvania. The combat is hard af :) Each wolf can easily oneshot you if you’re not careful!

At least the boss has a checkpoint. Also love the fact that the level is quite big to explore but still ultimately leads to the boss

It is an IceHog (Ice Hedgehog) :)

Hey! i’ve been a fan of your games for quite a while and i’m in love with the dark mood and crisp chef kiss pixelart graphics! I would love to collab for any art/game projects if you’re interested :) My discord is CptCrabhands#6109

Kultisti’s classic: jumpy iso platformer. i love it :)

“fonts can be custom made or gathered from other sources.” which means you can add any text with any font you want/own

Hi! I’m really glad you liked it :)

I was hugely running out of time so i had to cut UI and tutorial, i don’t even have a minimalistic starting screen :D

This game is fantastic! A very well made. The sound ques, the simplistic art style it’s all top notch!

I can really see this project as a full scale mobile game.

One minor thing that came to mind while playing is that i would like to control the “movement timeline” as a slider instead of 3 buttons since it would only take 1 click for any kind of action with the timeline instead of 3 different buttons

Ayy a solid game! Really sad that there weren’t many levels to play :)

Controls were a little bit wonky for my liking but i really loved the death sprite, it’s a hilarious thing to see when you fail and push your face into ice spikes :D

This is a nice idea that could work out on mobile, the control inputs would need to be completely reworked for touch controls but it has a great potential on an ipad.

BTW controls could be refactored for mouse and it would make 1 less action from the user since you would just need to click and hold the mouse button to select and move the point at the same time which in my opinion is a good thing. Again, it would look great on an ipad

Now this is a well executed idea! Would love to see this on mobile on an ipad

Thank you!

The game lacks a lot of polish and playtesting since i was doing it solo, premade assets and source projected helped out a bit but still not enough. I have spent most of the time tweaking the jumping around and shooting so i’m really glad that you liked those core mechanics that i have focused on :)

Thank you very much for the feedback! I have actually added player health at the very last moment so i had no time to implement a proper UI for it. And yeah :) damage feedback and aiming line would be a wonderful thing if i had time to add everything :) I think i should join a team for the next jam because i could never finish a game for a jam solo :(

Thank you for kind words! I’m so glad you liked the shooting, i decided to focus on a single satisfying mechanic this jam but still ended up extending the scope so some things are a bit wonky :)

A solid puzzle game! If only it didn’t have such acidic colors it would be a 5 star from me :)

An interesting idea, you should totaly port it to mobile and publish to stores!

Like i can’t even add any feedback, the game is really good

It’s fun and enjoyable what can i say :)

Yeah, some hazard indicators were off but then again it’s hilarious how they scream :D

Quite a nice little game! I got addicted for a while. What i really liked is the fact that color change is NOT random which allows for nice combo pickups!

Holy s**t the wolf is hacking!

The game gets really challenging quite fast but unlucky for me i figured out that it’s possible to save exactly 1 sheep and kill the rest :)

Now that’s a really interesting idea! The only sad thing is that there isn’t much of the actual game to play :)

I think this kind of mechanic could also work for mobile. For example if you replace the player with a “special” boulder that should be delivered from point A to point B and all you have to do is weld other boulders around so that the “special” boulder could move.

Thank you! Like always, the scope is getting smaller and smaller each time i join a jam but still end up extending the scope of the game and not polish it enough before the deadline (i was pushing builds in the 20 minutes extended period :D )

Yes i wanted to add an aiming line to better visualize the “arror” trajectory and change the “enemy hit” sound to a different one but didn’t make it in time so arrow hit sound is the same for every arrow impact :(

hmm, couldn’t jump no matter how hard i tried to match the snare sound.

I also tried hyperspamming spacebar but no luck, tried on both chrome and firefox :(

This looks really good :) i was hoping there would be some simple bots that would run around as targets. I love that you're still active even in these pandemic times

Hey! A cool concept, the only thing that annoyed me is that most of the time you have to either jump or move right but this Left ! command was appearing as frequent as other commands. It might be cool to make certain areas change the random percentage of commands appearing, like if you have to jump and move right, then jump and right coul be more frequent in this area.

I wonder what will you do with it for a post jam version though :)

I thought that the game is very simple at first, but oh damn that soundtrack! :)

The enemy AI is a bit tricky, some cars started to drive the opposite way and trying to ram into me and that felt really creepy, as if they are intentionally tried to get me to the last place (but i won anyway)

The audio feedback is well made too, the crashing, boost and everything, it just feels good.

Ah, the only thing that was strange is damage modifier, felt like it didn't doo much, even at max stack it took me 3 hits to fully destroy a unit. 

It's the first game that i see here that has audio feedback and it feels great! The moment you catch an upgrade the music intensifies and it's a very good touch on the quality. 

I like the text typing animation but i feel like it lacks a skip option. I thought that if it's a final fantasy game, then the team members would fight side by side, but i was disappointed a bit when i saw the pokemon mechanic and characters swapped instead of joining :(

But the game has potential! And if you have managed to write your code nice and clean, it might be a good template for larger projects. Because it has a solid fighting mechacnic which works clean, it has a solid UI system which works clean and exploration also feels clean, you can enter/exit buildings and interact with items on the environment. 

So my overall opinion of this game is 4/5 because it is working solid, all the systems are ok, the visuals are there but it lack some quality of life things like skipping text and audio feedback. I think you've done a great job, man!

I wonder if you were trying to recreate old Final Fantasy games but ended up doing a Pokemon game? :) 

If only there were sound effects.

We are going to work on it until it turns into a fully playable remake. But it will take time :)

Sweet pixel lord have we really made it this far ?! :)

Hi, i was able to check out the game in Safari, although i was at work so i will dedicate a proper dive into it some more private time :)