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Esta é uma versão muito provisória de Espólios da Alva que planeio testar nas próximas semanas. Estou aberto a receber feedback de pessoas que queiram experimentar este jogo. Para já, não estou em busca de feedback muito específico, mas isso poderá mudar ao longo do tempo. 

Good luck! I'm here cheering for everyone's efforts : )

Getting something ready enough to playtest from is already an achievement on itself. My entry to this game jam most likely will also be a document that I can playtest from. There’s nothing stopping us from developing it further in the future, and playtest is always useful. 

Yeah, sometimes the 5000 are not enough anymore xD
I'm somewhere around the 700 words, as usual I start pretty slow to pick up speed by the end of the week.

Hello fellow RPGeniuses! This will be my third participation in this jam, and just like last year, I'm challenging myself to answer to Dreamup's RPGenesis workshop (portuguese version here, english version can be found in Minakie's Unofficial RPGenesis Guide here). Last year I wasn't able to finish that workshop, but it helped me a lot for my submission, therefore I also strongly recommend for people to check out this guide.
If you want to take a look at how one can work through this workshop, you can follow along with my Highway to RPGenesis 2022 blog series during the next couple days. And it's also a way to document my developing project, that is very much open to feedback at all times.

Title: undefined

Number of Players: 1, possibly 2 if time allows to toy around with the idea

Topic: A game about exploring a mysterious and dangerous island, while uncovering legacies and establishing your own

Inspirations: Carta system solo games, Ironsworn, Lone Eons, The Quiet Year, the Kingdom series of videogames

another option is to rate them in order of submission. After a bit you can even filter out the ones you already rated.

Thank you! 🥰 I have so many ideas for possibilities of using dominoes in TTRPGs.

I'll look into the problem mentioned, and I'll try to have an improved version ready to update as soon as it's possible, with better readability. 

(1 edit)

I'd love to hear your ideas 🥰

I agree, there's a lot that can be done with dominoes tiles in TTRPGs!

The general idea is that every time you want to place a tile, you draw randomly from the pile and must try to place it, so you never know if it will be possible (the only tile you know beforehand is the one from the Unforgettable Memory). Maybe it isn't very clear in the document, I'll try to make it clearer.

Regarding the actual numbers,  in this edition they are not really relevant. They could be used for oracles (and that would enable solo-play), could be used to transform the final tile disposition into a map or a dungeon (if you associate every number to something, like in Tiny Library's dice-based dungeon generator) or to create some alternate rules. These are all options I'm considering if I expand this game at a later point, without the 2-page restriction.

Hi Cezar,
both the links for Starlight Riders and the molemole print versions end up in a 404 error page, and the same page does not show search results for any of the games. Is it just with me?
Thank you very much,
DImitri K.

The boxed set sounds really awesome! I'm not sure if I can make it now, but I'll definitely look at it after New Year. 
Just by curiosity, would it be possible for the boxed set to include the Quick Reference Guide?

An awesomely funny game, and very easy to learn and play.

I made a template for Dueling Fops on the Role VTT.
Here it is:

Dimitri, Dr. Givaca

This year's submission of mine is Trilhos no Oblívio (TnO), a GM-full and dice-less game that circles around the idea of a group of friends meeting again and remembering the events around a past trip. It uses domino pieces to define if memories are comming back correctly, and it has 2 different game modes. TnO also features different Archetypes and types of memories. Along with a section with random tables that I wish to expand, and some other interesting bits I want to add in a near future. Right now it's in Portuguese, but I wish to have it translated once I improve the game's layout.

Belo trabalho, Minakie! Ansioso por ir à descoberta de uma givaca!

Very good work! A wonderful fantasy setting!

Está muito bom Mateus. Bom trabalho e adoro a arte! <3

Olá e é um prazer ouvir tanta gente diversificada falar de forma apaixonada sobre os seus próprios projetos, que por sinal são bem diversificados também.

Sou o Dimitri e ando há pouco mais de um ano neste hobby de rpg's, e quero tentar desenvolver o meu próprio. Portanto, tem tudo para correr mal ; )

O meu projeto passa por tentar juntar várias das minhas áreas de interesse num único jogo: para tal, este se passa num mundo, que não passa de uma ilha pequena, atravessada a meio por um rifte (tipo aquele que passa a meio do Oceano Atlântico), onde se originam enormes tensões. Este é apenas o reflexo físico entre um conflito primordial entre um plano geológico/mineral e um plano espiritual/energético.

Os protagonistas encarnam este conflito, interior e exteriormente, pois são criaturas nascidas das enormes tensões do rifte, seres minerais tornados sencientes por uma faísca energética/espiritual que procuram manter o equilíbrio e evitar o afastamento das 2 metades da ilha, que representariam o fim da existência como conhecida. Ao mesmo tempo, os protagonistas também têm de ter em conta que o conflito se desenrola também dentro deles próprios, e que apenas um momento de inclinação para um lado pode determinar o seu fim...