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Thankyou for the feedback!! I'm aware of this bug and I have fixed it, but the fix hasn't yet been released.

So glad you had fun, and I really appreciate the comment. <3

Wow. This is fantastic. It's a simple concept, polished to perfection, with a great difficulty curve. Amazing work.

This is awesome

Thanks for your feedback!

I don't think it's necessarily the checkpoint system that's the issue - I think it's just the difficulty ramp of this prototype is WAY off because I obviously have played this game a lot throughout development so I overestimate what beginners are able to do.

I did think about the system you described, but the issue is that a lot of players will bounce around on the saplings instead of actually touching solid ground. It might be worth looking into though.

The wallrun has been a major focus in the last few weeks of development. I'm going to change the way that the islands are shaped so that it's more clear what you can wallrun and what you can't. But if you can give more details about how it feels clunky, I'd really appreciate it!

I'd love you to give our game a try - your feedback on Spring&Fall was really good in the last game jam!

Adorable!!!! Amazing art, and I just love the little robot dude so much.

These graphics are fucking nuts


Wow. The art is gorgeous, and the game is so polished. It doesn't feel like a game jam submission, it's amazing work.

Very creepy atmosphere, nice work!

math is cool

Cute story, I loved the little rover ^_^ and an interesting idea!

Very neat and polished puzzle game, nice work :)

Yup, @fearofcrows is EXTREMELY talented.

Keybind system will come eventually - but it is not a priority as the key purpose of this stage is to build up the main gameplay loop, not fuck around with adding settings etc.

Melee already exists - it's a momentum-based system wherein the damage you deal to an enemy is based on how fast you're going when you collide with them.

I don't believe a sniper would be appropriate for this game - this game is about going fast, and I think a sniper would encourage people to slow down and eliminate enemies from a distance which is not in the spirit of the game.

Really appreciate the suggestions!

Great ideas, I'm glad you had fun!

Actually, I should have put this in the tutorial - you can shoot the Lillies to make them disappear. So you could shoot them while you're in the air if they get in your way!

Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it@

Awesome, I look forward to playing the updated version. This was a great submission!

Simple idea executed very well. Had lots of fun with this one!

This is really stupid, and that's precisely why I love it.

Fun, simple idea executed well. Love the pitch shift when hitting the balloons. Good stuff

Great idea! Could benefit from some SFX and perhaps a clearer tutorial on the merging mechanic. Otherwise lots of fun and cool art!

Very cool idea, well executed theme. Nice work!

It's a bit tough - maybe I should have included some short video tutorials or something. 

Thanks for playing anyway!

Awesome, thankyou for playing - I hope you had fun!

The big one with the flag on top? Try bouncing really high from the first mountain, then jumping off and bouncing off the platform below.

There's a little gameplay video here (not made by me!) which you can scrub through if you'd like!

Thankyou! I had lots of fun making this, so I'm glad you liked it :)

I agree! I think I might make a full version of this game and include some tougher levels with more momentum required.

Thankyou for your feedback!

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I actually agree that the vines are a little bit funky. They're not designed to give you vertical boost - the idea was lily is for vertical, vines are for horizontal. Maybe a small amount of upwards velocity would have been nice?

Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate it a lot!

Interesting point - I thought I was relatively generous with the checkpoints, but I suppose since this was essentially one big "tutorial" level it's better to make things easier than harder.

Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to play!

Thankyou for your feedback! Glad you had fun.

Getting the difficulty curve right is always tough - I playtested with a bunch of my friends but most of us have played around with TF2's rocket jumping mechanic before, so perhaps that's why we found it a bit easier.

Thanks for playing!