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Beautiful game! I finally got it to work when I upgraded to Windows 10 and re-installed Oculus Runtime 8. I've got an older video card, so it may have been causing some issues or something. Works not bad still on my GTX 760 Ti. Good luck in the contest!

It looks absolutely wonderful! I tried playing your game, but it crashed. I'm not sure if it helps, but here's the Crash Dump:

Google Drive Link to crash dump

No windows build? Looks really good! I've always wanted to play a fighting game with the oculus and hand tracking like the leap!

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Nice work! So cool! Out of curiosity, was it more accurate to place the leap motion on the desk as opposed to head mounted? I know most will be mounting the leap to their vr units, just wondering why you didn't, if there was an advantage. I am simply amazed, great job!

Also, if you couldn't get the VR mount in time, I found that masking tape doesn't leave a mark on the DK2 and the you just have to use the tape around the edge of the leap. I used that and it worked well till my leap head mount arrived.

Oh, I meant that I tried your game wit my DK2. I also have a gear vr. What I meant is that sometimes the gear vr will lose head tracking if the phone is starting to overheat. When that happens, everything is attached to your head. So, originally I thought it was a driver thing for DK2.

You're welcome. I'm also glad it's the desired behavior because I was starting to think my setup was going weird. The only reason I thought that was because sometimes I'll randomly lose headtracking in my gearVR if there are errors or it's running slow/overheating.

In any case, great work man! It's really something quite cool!

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I tried your demo out with my DK2 and my Leap motion. However, every single configuration I try keeps the guitar attached to the head tracking in the Oculus. I'm wondering, is this by design or am I experiencing a bug? You have done some AMAZING work regardless, I gave it a shot and it did work. However, I feel like if I could lean in and experience the full tracking while having the guitar forward facing, it would be much better IMO.

I'm also creating a game for this contest with a friend, so good luck to you sir. If you need help sorting this out, I may also be able to help.