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Nice work! So cool! Out of curiosity, was it more accurate to place the leap motion on the desk as opposed to head mounted? I know most will be mounting the leap to their vr units, just wondering why you didn't, if there was an advantage. I am simply amazed, great job!

Also, if you couldn't get the VR mount in time, I found that masking tape doesn't leave a mark on the DK2 and the you just have to use the tape around the edge of the leap. I used that and it worked well till my leap head mount arrived.

Hello DignifiedWeb, thanks for the kind words! :); I'm glad you liked it :-)

I placed the Leap motion in the table because I get better tracking when I have the hands concave (like when you are modeling clay). I wanted to have the leap on the head!, and I even have the VR Mount! but I tried it on the very early stages of the development and the tracking was really bad :-(, to the point that I could only track my hands if I had them wide open, else the fingers will crook :(