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Hey man, do you have a windows build I can check out? :) I would like to try it out :)

Exposing at a local expo in a mall :-), people are loving it :)

Indeed, the problem is that it will be harder to distribute because not everyone has an arduino / hardware to plug it in so its easier with a button :). Still is a great idea!, I'll add that as optional and publish that arduino and the schematics :-)

Guys, support forum:

My PC specs: 32GB ram, i7 - 3.6GHz, Geforce GTX970.

I'm quite curious how it performs on average PCs.

Hello @w33va,thanks for the kind words!, I'm glad you liked it. I'll upload it next week!, I just realized it was an old version the one that is up here in!.

Indeed the blob needs toe more. Lit, I've got that suggestion before.

The pedal I plan to create it with an arduino, shouldn't be difficult :-)

makes sense, I also plan to add a pedal for clay movement/rotation instead of buttons to change the clay speed :-)

Hello Max!, haha I will take that as you liked it :-).

The whole development took me ~2 months, the hardest part was updating the mesh in real time and making it cope with the physics engine without losing performance :-)

Hello DignifiedWeb, thanks for the kind words! :); I'm glad you liked it :-)

I placed the Leap motion in the table because I get better tracking when I have the hands concave (like when you are modeling clay). I wanted to have the leap on the head!, and I even have the VR Mount! but I tried it on the very early stages of the development and the tracking was really bad :-(, to the point that I could only track my hands if I had them wide open, else the fingers will crook :(