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A jam entry

PotelRVR. Pottery maker simulator.View game page »

Pottery modeler for the Leap Motion and Oculus Rift
Submitted by naruse with 7 days, 8 hours before the deadline

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PotelRVR Pottery modeler simulator

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artur · 304 days ago


naruse (View their submission) · 304 days ago

Exposing at a local expo in a mall :-), people are loving it :)

artur · 304 days ago

Wow! You got more than 100 votes in less than a day! What is your secret?

mabeg · 305 days ago

Me encanta!

catavm · 305 days ago

love the scenery, love the graphics!

nancyarboleda · 305 days ago

Mucha suerte! :)

guiller · 305 days ago

awesome you can 3D print what you make!

jpcordova · 312 days ago

pretty neat, and pretty interesting the 3D printing!

naruse (View their submission) · 316 days ago

Indeed, the problem is that it will be harder to distribute because not everyone has an arduino / hardware to plug it in so its easier with a button :). Still is a great idea!, I'll add that as optional and publish that arduino and the schematics :-)

ric · 317 days ago

Pretty nice the design for the arc, do you plan to add a pedal instead of the buttons for the spinning clay?

Fenalt · 317 days ago

Pretty neat, tracking performs really well :-)

sofigava · 317 days ago

Great game!

PencilSquare · 317 days ago

Pretty rad game!, awesome you can 3D print what you do! :)

chead · 339 days ago

cool graphics!

mgmilanova · 341 days ago

great game

ahoyos87 · 342 days ago

Great!!!! :)

raceleap · 343 days ago

Fun time making pots

jgcarcamo · 346 days ago

Nice job naruse. I'm looking forward to see more projects like this one maybe with a more simple setup (just the oculus, or maybe a Google cardboard)

jzak · 346 days ago

It's amazing what people can develop with the Oculus Rift and Leap motion. Nice environment to create pottery.

naruse (View their submission) · 354 days ago

Guys, support forum: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/potelrvr-oculus-l...

My PC specs: 32GB ram, i7 - 3.6GHz, Geforce GTX970.

I'm quite curious how it performs on average PCs.

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