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makes sense, I also plan to add a pedal for clay movement/rotation instead of buttons to change the clay speed :-)

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I use Sculptress and Zbrush a lot to make models for my games and I'm always wishing I could just get my hands in there instead of having to use a mouse, locked to a single plane. I hope to see more software like your pottery simulator that incorperates VR. It seams foolish to me that games have got VR before the tools that are used to create them!

This is a matter of opinion but I think the direct light on the background and shadow on the pot draws attention away from the pot. Would it look nicer with some direct light on the pot? Just an idea anyway.

How would the pedal work? can you get physical pedals for computers or would it be somethign on screan you would adgust with your hand?

Indeed the blob needs toe more. Lit, I've got that suggestion before.

The pedal I plan to create it with an arduino, shouldn't be difficult :-)