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Love the appearance and the wobbly physics driven climbing mechanics

this is cool, big ns2 vibes, loved that game.

Noice! good to see another dev into mad vr locomotion systems :) had a play, once you work out what axes you use in the programming it comes pretty naturally, (tho that does always take surprisingly long to work out) Curious to see where this goes :)

I like your thinking! Hmm, in "Sir You Are Being Hunted" the seed is displayed in the settings so you can copy it down to input it another time yourself or share with others, a super simple option I guess, but very practical, fun when its something I played with friends a lot like that. That said suppose copying text into a chat or text document is less convenient in vr than with keyboard and mouse...

Finally getting the hang of doing speedruns in this, longer challenge mode in 3 minutes. Not completed challenge mode in my normal cautious manner, keep running out of bullets and getting worn down in health by the electro balls and un-noticed attackers but the decision not to get out my guns and to dive past dangers in the passages instead grants me some quite easy victories haha.

I see cool! Glad to hear that about local, and Gosh I had discounted the idea of normal multiplayer as sheer madness, randomly walking round a corner into someone else with equally startled flailing arms would be quite an experience if you didn't know it was coming! 

Interesting, yeah I like your attitude for modding / customisability, the system has scope for adaption to so many game types I think so that will be great! 

How complicated would it be to implement local multiplayer with someone on the pc? I've found this is something easy to set up in unity but near impossible in Unreal so curious about how this would be in your engine? Since the magority of the time I spend with vr is socially with friends any vr game that integrates multiplayer is often my automatic favourite, 'Carly and the Reaperman' for example. I can imagine this working in the context of this game with the pc player either being a small assistant like the electro dogs, after you've poked their watsit haha, or maybe multiple pc players in splitscrean playing as different robots competing to be the one to kill you so they can take your place in vr. Final idea being that they play it like some kind of RTS/tower defence, placing the hazards you face etc. - probibally all a bit of a side track from your vision, if it happened to be something not too complex to implement with the way your engine works though maybe that's something I try do mod in myself one day haha.

Hi Void Room, I've very much enjoyed the game and am excited to see future updates! Additionally I want to help/say thanks, please change the page settings to "Name your own price" I intend to donate. I'm a student/ VR dev myself so no big sum, however if you would allow me to give some of what others have given me on this platform I would be very happy :)

If you happen to be after a hand with any modeling / animation let me know, I'm more frequently a soft edge kindof guy can show you some of my recent hard edge though if you ever get curious.

Good luck!

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Glad to hear :) you can see all the other games I have up for download on my profile here on itch. If you want to see what I'm working atm on here is my website, the digital page has my game projects on:

Good question. In the current version I think you do need two controllers to play, I had not worked out how to re route the controller input when only one controller is plugged in when I made this, in my sailing game I've fixed this problem tho. Thanks for pointing this out, maybe ill come back to this and add it some time, although I am rather busy atm so I wont make any promesses

Haha, cool, unofficial record holder! Anyway, yeah, hard to say whether changes like pre-grabbing would feel right until trying them, also thought about having hard to grip holds which are indicated by haptic feedback, at the end of the day maybe simple is best though, haha. On the other extreme I have been planning to try a purely physics based vr locomotion system some point, where you react to physics and only your head and hands have collisions, so then climbing would not require coding, but be just putting your hands on top of holds and pulling yourself up! perhaps physics glitches would be too common and nauseating though, only one way to find out, ill let you know how it goes!

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Excellent fun,  A very fast paced little climbing game which quickly troughs new challenges at you keeping you always a little frantic and terrified of falling!  

Yetibytes, since you ask, I did level 6 in 28 seconds,  and beat level 7 in 45, I'm certain thats not close to setting any records, haha, just glad to have beaten those two at all!

I like how quick the death/ re try turnaround is normally, however when you miss a grab you often land on the starting platform, which is problematic since you survive, but are usually out of reach of any holds to re try, would ironically be more forgiving if you just died when you landed on the platform again, haha. or I suppose a blanket method would be to respawn the player if they were stationary, with no holds in the play space, since in that scenario they are stuffed! until the green gets them anyway. 

I do a fair bit of bouldering myself, and love how crazy vr allows yo to go with it! Some things really frustrate me with all vr climbing games ive tried though, like how the grabbing works, in real life if your doing a dynamic move, a jump and grab for example, you dont start to grab when your hand is on the hold, by then its too late, you tend to start to hook or prepare your hand appropriately for the next hold during transit so most the action of grabing a hold is done before you touch it, when you do reach the hold your hand just hooks it with you barely needing to react, so I recon it would feel more realistic to be able to hold the trigger to "prepare to grab" so it could be held in advance and have it grab the first hod it hits while you are still "preparing to grab".  Would allow far more daring jumps I think, and shift more advantage to planning complex moves a moment before acting, even with dynamic moves like in real climbing. 

Glad you enjoyed! And yeah, the controls of the whale were very much an experimental system. Its fun if you master it, but its understandably not worth the time mastering it for most since its a one off quirky mechanic, haha! idk if you remember the very first time you tried a fps game with a mouse, but I bet you spent a lot of time stuck looking at the floor or ceiling, I know I did...

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Fantastic! An intense very satisfying game, going against the trend of "one button" games you must master the use of 3 gestures and use them tackticaly to survive! One of my favourite mobile games I've yet played :)

Very nice, I had thought of making a game where you play as or assist planta myself, very impressed with how satisfying you made the blowing of dandelion seeds feel, and how they sprout up etc!

I could not get my head around how the perspective would effect the wind, just had to rely on trial and error mostly though! Also, seeds are not visible when playing on phone, and not zoomed in. Still very nice concept!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! Impressed and pleased you mastered the controls too, they did not feels as intuitive as I had hoped, despite their simplicity, been pondering ways to improve that, but not came to anything yet.

If you or your daughter are after any other games where you play as creatures I have a rabbit game, and a cute rolling alien game ;)

Oh Nice! Thats pretty efficient, I've re worked my shotgunners to carry on attacking the same enemy into medium range if their shields are still low, to avoid having to stop and start chasing an enemy until they stop running, I think it would also make them immune to that particular method of confusion coincidentally, but I can see that being pretty cool against most enemies!

Not tried it yet but I can imagine a chasing AI could work, if you just run at an enemy when their shields are low to try chase them off the edge of the map!

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Yeah, was ridiculouse, Here is a vid of it! I like how we both exploited this, but didn't fix it in our own attacker AI, I've cut out the ball carrier focus now, so next time things could be a bit more bloody, haha hmm I wonder if there are any other ways to exploit this delay! I've found it is less successful to pursue robots since the delay was added which is annoying, but perhaps this too can be used, with fleeing robots leading the enemy or something, hmm.

Someone did this to me, at first I was like, "there is a bug with the game" then I realised, nope, its more there is a bug in my AI, and likely in many other peoples, so ive been taking advantage of that too, very fun, but not guaranteed to work, since many people do not use the "is carrying resource" filter, and likely less and less will the more its abused, haha. Keep up the mind games ;) I like it.

Lovely Style!

yeah your strategy is pretty effective!

Hahahaha, yeah indeed it has! I have literaly got 3 AI types I think which I tend to switch between to mix stuff up, been trying out using multiple AI's a lot recently, realized I can create unsymmetrical attacking formations that way, idk if that's a good or bad thing works sometimes, could just be chance, but still, its more interesting to watch after seeing similar battles pan out so many times!

Yeah I had been thinking about this, I think a certain amount is down to chance, especially if using long range, since its such small chances you have to actually hit, but some bots really are good at certain maps, based on as you say the starting locations. Is intersting.

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1600 elo challenge? I'm in! So far I've not been a player of the skill to hold a high position for that long, but ill give it a go, I don't mind being thrashed anyway, as long as you make it look dramatic!

Thought I should say Sevas deserves some credit for my latest strategy, I'm using the concept of moving towards the weakest enemy when out of desired range, hadn't thought to do that before xD like how it plays, but think that is about the only similarity now, mine is rather more bloated xD

ill have to check the replays then, but i could've sworn you used long range on me, and cant see anything in your AI to do that!

When I first started I faced him a number of times, managed to develop my AI to beat him fairly well but in recent games he did pack a punch, he's obviously improved a lot since then!

Yeah, good games, I was TheCheeseDragon, You were boss of the circle of death at first, then I found by using my 3 fav AI types on differnt squads I beat you, then that stopped working, so I assume maybe you changed something, idk, but good tense games!

"interesting for you to actually give us your AI" I'm 85% sure I was not fighting that AI, maybe its a tactical move to make us think we know what we are up against! It certainly made me underestimating you at first Sevas!

oook year evil at circle of death!

Wow you are high on the leaderboards though atm, I CHALLENGE THEE TO A DUEL!

Got all the basics down pretty well, I think you'l find by using multiple conditions for retreating and attacking, and more different narrowed down attack nodes you might improve the performance a bit. I know what you mean about wanting to get nearer to weak enemies but not being able to due to other fire, it would be cool if you could tell your AI to skirt around the enemies in the way, keeping out of medium range or something, cant see any decent way to do this yet though. Nicely spotted with the avoiding of the ball carrying ones though, I only worked that one out recently, not that its really important if you wait till the enemy is dead since you can get away with wasting some time then. I've seen people who've made AI's very good at collecting, for instance Talos has to be the master of this, with an 80% win loose ratio you cant dis the power of collecting stuff! That being said I'm yet to come up with a good collecting formula, what I like about Talos's method is he does not go for the nearest ball, but seams to get as many as possible near his base, without wasting time getting them all the way back too early.

Here is tolima's Fantastic victory dance! (lasted over a minute)

just decided to start a sub channel to my normal gamedev stuff where I upload some unexpected and funny games I have if anyone is interested.

I had just came up with an AI I thought could pull off collecting spheres before killing the enemies, so was preparing to test against the highly aggressive bots that is the multiplayer community atm, gritting my teeth to be blown to bits, and then watched in bemusement as our bots walked around each other, and then felt bad as my AI ruthlessly attacked the poor passive roadblockers! As soon as I can work out a way to do so I'm going to in build a chivalry concept to my AI so they only attack if an enemy shoots, no more robots should die for nothing!

There's often some battles that feel really epic, funny moments or fails so share them here if you like. I'm hoping it could also be a good place to get to talk to your opponent after an interesting battle.

I'm usually making games in my spear time rather than playing them, but what with this and Inside that has completely reversed... I think I should revert it back really, and i'm kindof hoping for a some more features in Gladiabots before I can unleash my favorite ideas, im kind of running out atm. Looking forward to the next update if we get some new bot types comming!

Also decided to start uploading some vids, linked the first in the lets play section of the forum I think.

if your using long range I would assume your relying extremely heavily on chance, which is annoying. Just an idea I thought to put out there, what if, instead of accuracy decreasing with distance the strength of the lazers decreased? you would have 100% accuracy all the time but the damage goes down to 50% then 10% instead? Perhaps this would make things seam more repetitive from game to game? Or maybe its needed to give players with worse AI a chance, no pun intended, but it would make it more skill based, what do people think, is that a good think? Im undecided on the matter.

nope, my AI is butter to Dagger, some real nice focusing, and my latest AI was all over the place. I admire Talos's ball collecting tactics atm too.

Yeah you and others have ripped into my ranks quite efficiently sometimes, I think my long range strategy is probibaly worth it for the first few seconds, and it makes it easy to get everyone on the same target, however it doesnt seam the most efficent way to do it and I'm starting to doubt its value after the enemy has first got into mid range, I wonder, if my new AI experiment is any good im going to try combining them.

I'm hoping different AI types will come in handy more when we have customizable bots, or however that will work, I can imagine sending a few heavy bots in front to attract fire whilest some smaller lighter ones pick up the spheres, or a destraction techneque with some heavy bots and send some light ones round the back to attack htem when they try retreive spheres or when they retreat,its soo damaging attacking retreating bots from both sides, completely messes up how people currently do AI, there is just no way I've found for doing it yet...

Some little things Id like, having played a bit more I notice you often end up playing the same people, would love to have some form of chat system in game, and a send game request type thing, so you could request private duels with your nemesis's!

I think if you werent here Chunkymonkey, Ironically the most useful suggestion we could make here now might be that GFX47 should not look at the suggestions because by the time he has read all this he wont have any time to work on the game xD