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Excellent fun,  A very fast paced little climbing game which quickly troughs new challenges at you keeping you always a little frantic and terrified of falling!  

Yetibytes, since you ask, I did level 6 in 28 seconds,  and beat level 7 in 45, I'm certain thats not close to setting any records, haha, just glad to have beaten those two at all!

I like how quick the death/ re try turnaround is normally, however when you miss a grab you often land on the starting platform, which is problematic since you survive, but are usually out of reach of any holds to re try, would ironically be more forgiving if you just died when you landed on the platform again, haha. or I suppose a blanket method would be to respawn the player if they were stationary, with no holds in the play space, since in that scenario they are stuffed! until the green gets them anyway. 

I do a fair bit of bouldering myself, and love how crazy vr allows yo to go with it! Some things really frustrate me with all vr climbing games ive tried though, like how the grabbing works, in real life if your doing a dynamic move, a jump and grab for example, you dont start to grab when your hand is on the hold, by then its too late, you tend to start to hook or prepare your hand appropriately for the next hold during transit so most the action of grabing a hold is done before you touch it, when you do reach the hold your hand just hooks it with you barely needing to react, so I recon it would feel more realistic to be able to hold the trigger to "prepare to grab" so it could be held in advance and have it grab the first hod it hits while you are still "preparing to grab".  Would allow far more daring jumps I think, and shift more advantage to planning complex moves a moment before acting, even with dynamic moves like in real climbing. 

Thanks for the response!

You've managed both level 6 & 7 much faster than I ever could, which is a little embarrassing on my behalf but congratulations on setting the unofficial record. As for patiently waiting on the platform to die, I'll just add spikes around the base or make the platform a lot smaller.

I too do a fair bit of climbing so I'll try and add more realistic grab mechanics based on what you've said and my personal experience. I don't know how quickly I can get an update out because I've had to start again but hopefully once it's done you'll like the changes.


Haha, cool, unofficial record holder! Anyway, yeah, hard to say whether changes like pre-grabbing would feel right until trying them, also thought about having hard to grip holds which are indicated by haptic feedback, at the end of the day maybe simple is best though, haha. On the other extreme I have been planning to try a purely physics based vr locomotion system some point, where you react to physics and only your head and hands have collisions, so then climbing would not require coding, but be just putting your hands on top of holds and pulling yourself up! perhaps physics glitches would be too common and nauseating though, only one way to find out, ill let you know how it goes!