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Nice game!

Very satisfying game! I loved the visuals. It's a game to play very calmly and chill. 

Nice game. I would have chosen one single font for the whole interfaces, it would be more consistant, but the rest of the visuals work nice!

Nice visuals and animations!

Daaaaaaamn! Not cringe at all ahahahahha I loved it!

Really satisfying game! I loved. I just miss some score at the end to feel good of what I've done hahaha Nice game!

We tried to make some feedback with 4 different faces of the baby on the hud. Maybe it's not enough. In addition we had another graphic like an alert for when you are up to lose, we ran out of time and we couldn't add it. Thanks a lot for having played the game and for your comment!

Thanks a lot for your amazing words!! <3

Thank you! About the music, was intended to not use music during gameplay, focusing on silence and braking of those silences with fallings, and some ambient noises to make it more tense. And for duration, we thought about it also, but it was hard to balance between a larger gameplay and tha fact that the player needs to get to the toilet because turtle is comming. So if the gameplay it's too long, this concept of alarm gets a bit on a second plane. However, objectively, and out of this, it's in fact a very short experience. We may try some improvements to make a better experience and try to add some more obstacles or a larger house or something... and test it with people. About the camera, you're right, for the jam we couldn't get a better configuration of the cinemachine with those objects that are so close (intended, for making you hard to pass through), we will work on that too.

Thanks again for having played the game and for your constructive comments!

I think is about my explorer... but the game is higher than my explorer, so I have to scroll.  At first I couln't scroll, don't know why, but on my other PC I could, so I saw the full screen button, and played it again :)

Thanks for the constructive comment, for real! And for having played it :)

Nice graphics! Cool game. i loved the interfaces

Cool game! Very funny to play.

Cool game! Nice visuals

Nice game! Hard AF at some moments, but really funny!!

Cool game and nice visuals. I tried to activate postprocess effects, and saved the changes, but once on the main level, they desapeared

I almost reach speed of light with tiny mode xD then I crashed and got launched spinning like a suriken hahaha Nice game

Nice game! It's really beautyful. I just couldn't see the window well framed and that made hard to me to advance in some parts.

Thank you! We thought on making it a bit longer... but if you really need to go to the toilet, you cannot be much time on the way hahaha

Thanks for playing! :)

Amazing graphics!

Amazing graphics!

Yisus hahahah that was intense!

Really cool visuals!!

Nice one! I died a lots of times on the first enemy hahah "dieee you b****!!"

very original game! I loved it. There were some levels hard af. I couldn't make the 2nd and 4th xD

Very nice game!! I love the maps. Some moments where hard af but it was really good hahaha Well done!

Cool game. Some of the colliders were a bit little, and I could pass without turning heheh But that was a nice time playing. Good job!

Cool game. Some of the colliders were a bit little, and I could pass without turning heheh But that was a nice time playing. Good job!

Nice visuals and ambient! good game

Nice feeling playing this game!

Oh, but there was a sound when falling.  Maybe it's broken, I had to look at it. And when you lose, there are different game overs, one for the turtle releaased, other for winning and one for waking up the girl. Time goes on so turtle is showing his head. For baby waking up, all sounds and lights make it worst and face of baby will chane to angry (there are 4 faces befor lose). Thank you for your comment!!

Really nice game. The sounds make it really a better experience. Well done!

Very funny. I agree with Snoopdloop about feedback

Damn! What a rythm! hahahah nice game. i loved smashing the keyboard to prgramming hahah

Nice game. Music a bit to high. The character control is very fluent

Nice game. You could try to make the materials less soft so the do not look so plastic and you could get better visuals :)

Hi. Nice graphics! At first I clicked and nothing happened on smoke, but recharged the explorer and then it ran. Good work!

Nice game. I found some bugs that I imagine you already know, but with the tables... are they supposed to be on the middle so I move them to get to the place? I kept moving towards the tables and passed over them and that was funny, but I don't know if that was intended