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Thank you, I wish I'll be able to work on it again soon, plans are to make first a mobile version, then expand on it with a PC version.

I do have a patreon page, but I'd say wait untill I have a downloadable version (open beta) to make your donation before downloading.

I might, I mean it's the thing I've worked the most on for this game, and I'm quite proud of it, I just hope to find time to improve it.

Hey, just replying to this instead of opening another topic.

I just realized something strange, my devlogs appear very down below in the new and trending, and that's ok.

But if I filter by tag, I was imagining to see it, at least at the bottom of the whole list, but it's not. How does this work?

Sorry for bothering, but I care about visibility.

Anyhow, thanks for the great platform you guys are providing!


After reading the page I don't think there's anything wrong with my devlogs.

I was actually able to find it, even if I can't find it with the tag "Game Design":

I guess it's also a matter of having a "reputation" (my views are getting better at each new article, I'm actually quite happy).

Thanks for your time Leafo!

thanks for the link, I was not able to find such infomation, at least not googling or browsing with mobile.

Will read it first then come back here.

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I've finally decided to  use itchio to do Devlogs and spread the word about my game:

But I have some  questions about it, especially concerning visibility of the Devlog.

As far as I know I have filled every field of the game page, it is actually visible when searching for the game itself, but not the Devlog, I can see that ppl are visiting the devlog entries but my guess they cone from twitter or facebook.

Somehwere I've red that visibility is manually added by an admin. I hope this is the case and that someone can help me.

Another doubt is, is it necessary to have a download link available? My game is still early in development and although I've provided a link it's to a closed alpha testing, ad I don't eant anyone to play untill it's ready for that phase.

Being early in development I don't feel right to share the game with anyone as in most of the cases you'll get comments like"this doesn't work, this looks crappy", and things along the line.

Still to me make sense to be wanting to share progress of my work to anyone interested.

But I am open to suggestions if downloadable game is a requirement. Taking into qccount that the game is for Android.


I've updated the page, also corrected a small issue with code.

There is a setting where you can enter x=latitude, y=longitude and z=zoom

Hey, how ya doin'...

I just finished updating the module, can you test it again?

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Hi, I'm really sorry, I haven't updated it to 3.1, if you can wait I'll might be able to fix it this week.

I mean, I have started a complete new version for 3.1, that should be faster, and solve the seams problem. But that one will take much longer.