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To be fair, the bucket game is a little broken to be honest, but it was a Gamejam project and I kind of ran out of time to fiddle with the controls and the collision detection on that a little more.

Thanks, appreciate it


Oh, wow, I'm impressed you managed to clear it - I had to do it for testing, and at a certain point I was wondering if some of the stages were a little too mean.

I did patch it some alternate control feels in an update (see other comments here) - obviously not much use if you've finished already, mind you, and not sure if either of them would particularly feel better for everyone.

Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback.

I am pretty unhappy with the way the event introductions ended up - the original plan was to do each event introduction as an image so that I could includes some diagrams pointing out some of the key aspects, but I ended up running short on time so just fell back onto whacking some text into an ordered list and throwing it on screen with a drawTextInRect command. It was very much a "something is better than absolutely nothing" solution. I feel like the shotput event in particular is a little cryptic about what it's expecting.

It's funny you should mention the hurdles, though, as the penalisation on that is actually bugged out and slightly less impactful than I was intending. I ended up leaving it because I liked the way the sound effect looping as a result of it sounded, but it does mean there's actually two frames of the electrocution animation that never display.

I do hope to do a tidied up DX version at some point -  I want to rewrite half the code for the ball throwing event, and I really want to put in the egg-and-spoon race I wanted to do but ran out of time for - and adding some extra feedback on the stamina gauge is probably something I'll have a major think about there.


The stamina was actually mostly there to disincentivise players from just wailing as hard as they could on the crank - I tend to feel like there's a line between "Playing games with a crank is really fun" and "Oh boy I feel like I'm going to accidentally scrape all the plastic off the side of this console" that I wanted to try to ensure people stayed on the right side of and that immediate feedback felt like a good solution to it.

Thank you! I really appreciate the kind words.

You really nailed the basic feel of just moving the rocket around - manoeuvring it feels really fun even before you have things to dodge!

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. And yeah, I completely ran out of time for (a) good instructions and (b) any kind of actual game balance.



Thanks! There's an awful lot of reused code between the events in the game, so it wasn't actually quite as much work as it probably looks at first glance!

Yeah, the instructions were literally a "well, this is probably better than nothing" thing crammed in the quickest way I could think of in the closing hours of the Jam, though it did get me thinking about how there's not necessarily a good consistent way to describe Crank positions, as I tend to think of "Down" there differently between when I'm playing on the console versus when I'm testing on the simulator.

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That's an interesting thought. I'd originally rigged it up as being relative for a couple of reasons - firstly, it meant that the player wouldn't have to worry about repositioning the crank between stages and messing up the initial turntable points, and secondly (and probably more importantly in my initial thinking), one of the thoughts I had early on was around having some stages where the turntables would rotate at differing speeds (basically turning at either double or half the speed of the standard ones). That said, I figured that the game was mean enough already without that, so I didn't actually do that in the end.

I've updated the uploaded build to have a three-way Crank Mode toggle on the title screen - just tap left to toggle between the three modes. The three settings there are Standard (the current relative system), Absolute, and Half Absolute. It does... interesting things to the difficultly. I suspect Half Absolute, where a full rotation of the crank rotates the turntables half-way, might be the mode to go for given the range of rotation you need to worry about - standard Absolute is way, way too twitchy. I suspect this'll probably make certain stages way easier, but given how nasty a few of the stages are, that's probably fine.



I have to admit, I still die to the bit with the laser satellites on occasion as well.


Thanks for the heads-up. I've corrected and checked it's sideloading as an update correctly through the Playdate site now. Guess I should have a think about automating that in my release build scripts in the future.


Thanks for the feedback - I genuinely really appreciate it (and also the bug report - I've uploaded a corrected build for that).

You are probably right about the amount of health the enemies have being a little on the high side - I was actually have pretty serious performance issues on actual hardware for a lot of the development of this until I figured out that localising the Trig maths functions would cut down the CPU usage by literally 40%, so I ended up dropping the number of spawns and nudging the HP up a little. It gets a little hard to figure out if you have the balance right with this stuff once you've played through it enough to autopilot through it due to knowing where things are going to spawn. Live and learn, I guess - as it is, I've actually got pretty significant overhead for throwing more on screen at once now.

I'm not too sure if I'm going to do much else with this one at this point - I'm already feeling a little bad that I put my other project to the side for long enough to work on this one, and I'd probably need to come up with at least another 4-5 enemy types and a couple of extra background visual gimmicks (plus some new bosses), and maybe some actual powerups, for me to consider it as being worthwhile. It's certainly something I've been thinking about, but I do have some other stuff to try and finish before looking into it.


Thanks for the kind words - I really appreciate it!