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Thanks, man! I'm a mostly traditional painter with a medical profession, so the anatomical stuff comes naturally for me. :)

I love the concept - it's simple and as the theme suggests - quite relaxing. The humor was also enjoyable and not too cheesy. All in all, great job, it's been my favorite this far!

Damn, you're way too kind.  Forced relaxation wasn't really on my mind until now, but you gave me a change in perspective :D

Thank you for your kind words!

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I always wanted to make a Tamagotchi game, so hats of to you. Cute art but the alarm sound is atrocious.

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I enjoyed your main concept, though the core gameplay loop was a bit lacking. This game has a lot of potencial.

I loved the soundtrack, it really seems to be stuck in my head. Sadly, the hitbox on the thorns and cactii are too challenging for my taste. All in all a cute and decent platformer.

Great variety of short mini games, though the game flow was a bit too slow paced for me. 

Oy mate, I'm sorry, but the second level became too monotonous way too quickly for me personally. Also I had problems with the collision between Player and tileset. Please dont be discouraged, I really enjoyed the sudden change in "genre" when the scenery changes from the first to the second level, I think it was quite surprising. 

Man, I'm really floored; this is actually my personal favorite of all the submissions. The contrast between the presentation (or lack thereof) on the jam site and the actuall gameplay is way of. You need to market your game accordingly and think about making it interesting to look at. 
No thumbnail, Screenshots or anything really, and, on top of that, not even playable in browser. 

It doesn't seem important at first, but your game is getting overlooked even if it is a top competitor. All around very well made for a 3D game in this short time. 

Love the idea, it just lacks a bit more polishing as the controls feel floaty. Also, the design of the game seems to be conceptualized for a more fast gameplay flow, which would have been more fun for myself personally. All around a great submission!

I guess the fog was more of a technical choice instead of a purely aesthetic one, but it was kind of disorientating. Also, the ground combined with the messy collisions was really hard to navigate for me.

Otherwise I enjoyed the fast pace while running and the destroying of these gigantic rock formations. I wished for a tad bit more engaging mechanics or for a wider variety. 

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hey, I really appreciate the honest feedback! I still have a lot to learn regarding sound design and mixing, so every comment helps a lot. 

I interpreted the theme as tiles on the ground being moved from one point to the other. It may be a tad bit too abstract. :)

I am terribly sorry to hear that. I uploaded a new version instantly. :) 

Sorry, didnt manage to make it work, and while I'm trying to give everyone a fair feedback, it's just seems too much work if even you as the developer don't stand behind your own creation. 

Even if you didn't manage to accomplish anything, it all seems a bit half-assed. No description, pictures or anything at all really. It would have been better if you had just uploaded the project file as it is, but with some text describing your problems in detail, so others could learn or at least see your vision. Everyone tries their best, but you don't have to upload the most amazing project. 

Just give us a little more to work with and keep your heads up next time, mate.

Damn, I really dig the hand-drawn artstyle of yours, I'm impressed! I like the variety in hazards you implemented, but I'm not such a big fan of platformers in general. 

Charming story, great visuals. Maybe try a less steep learning curve next time for people like me :)

Thank you very much, I appreciate your feedback. 

I kinda am predestinated to loose interest in many projects over time, thats why I kinda had to keep it as simple as possible. :)

I'm looking forward to the next jam.

Hey man, I really dig your artstyle, it's feels all around congruent and gives the game some extra flavor. Sadly, I had a lot of trouble jumping over the spikes as the hitboxes seem to be rectangular and maybe even bigger than the actual sprite. 

I'm really sorry to say that it quickly became even more frustrating after every retry because, as I said, I dig the art and I wanted to see more of the game. 

Oh, thank you so much for the clarification. I will be doing some light polishing then, I have only been working a few days on this though. Do you guys have a discord for us to get together?

hey everyone, I hope you guys are still in for the extended deadline, it seems awfully quiet today! 

I have to say, I really dig the minimalistic artstyle, well done! Though I have to say making the controls inaccurate does get tedious fast and generally slows the pace down. 

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Sorry mate, I can't join either, could you please fix it again?

Thank you for the honest critisism, I also think it lacks an interesting aspect. I dont actually know the game, is it horror-themed?