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You press W to move forward which starts the game.

Thank you <3

Indeed, you have! All hail to the mighty window cleaner NoLether :D
Congrats on unlocking the secret 1.000 points firework <3

Haha, true! :D

Thanks for playing the game <3

Thanks man :)

Added the game to the bundle ;)

Had real fun playing this entry! Creating wind turbines / gravity rings makes quite some fun. And having an alligator fly through them bouncing off the walls is nice to look at :)

The visuals are nice, but what I miss is that everything snaps together. Some elements have shadows (alligator, trees, ring) while others seem to be either fully lit (fish, all particle effects) or fully in darkness (ground). The water seems to have an gradient while everything else is flat. The eye seem to be drawn to the mushroom bases (glowing in yellow) while they are not that important. The splashes of the water have the color of the glows instead of the water. I think adding a vignette wouldn't hurt.

The gameplay feels like a fresh mixture of Flappy Bird and Angry Birds :D
Makes lots of fun and a really great work from you! Entertainment: 5 ✯/✯

I love the look of your game! If the gameplay would be expanded on it could become a nice mobile game :)

Had fun playing it, ended up counting the amount of shots I needed for each asteroid to not waste one laser shot :D

After wave 3 it just closed. Game over I guess?

Hi Vong, thanks for playing the game :D
You can skip the death scene by pressing space.

The trick of mastering the second level is to use the *right click* to revert time.
Just scout the area slowly without touching the wall and revert back to the start. 
When you have found the portal, remember the way to it and do it quickly.
Going back one level was implemented as it otherwise would be the same as going back through time with right click thus making that feature meaningless.

Would you maybe like a trail of light of your last successful run on the level to help you finish the level again when you are set back?

Thx for reporting the bug - I wrote it down :)

Regarding quantum effects: I thought about those kind of features. For example it could be that when you revert time your old self will still be there and do all the things you did, which can lead to opening doors by standing on levers, etc.

Just added an updated version with:
- greater arm movement speed
- first person view (toggle via Tab)
- changed time stop mechanic to slow down & added tutorial text for it
- added circle to help understand where you have to end your line to get a circle attack

I hope that those adjustments don't make the game too easy.

I wonder what the max possible score is...
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Nice score! :)
Maybe you can beat @benjamin89's score? ;)
Thought that it would give movement a more important role, if everything is reacting to it (color, music, camera, etc.)

Glad that you like the interactive music part :)
Even though it gets quite repetitive after some plays ^^"

Thanks! Best high score so far :)

I really like the gameplay :)
But I just fellow through the red bar I think. Cause I survived somehow and now can stay below the screen forever
What's with those arrow-up collectibles? Was expecting a push up.

My highscore:


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But honestly, I like the gameplay of your game more ;)
So I have to work hard to be competitive in that aspect. Otherwise it will just be an art demo xD

I'm glad that you like it :)

Still can't execute :'(

Try to include the _Data-folder as well.