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Thanks. Everything I've written up until now has been parser IF; this was an experiment to see what Twine is like. It's a very different sort of writing experience. I'd now like to do something longer format in twine and work on integrating more of a puzzle component (but for the most part, I'm sticking with parser).



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I assure you that this is an entirely typical experience for PowerPoint users.

On the topic of Microsoft Products, I believe that Word has a template for Last Will and Testament that should serve.

Any suggestions to improve legibility? For some small bits of the game (the file directory and ending), I used custom fonts, but body of the game, I went with the browser-supplied sans-serif font. I could easily switch it out to a defined font.

The best thing about these stories -- the pacing. I'm not sure if I played the game or if it played me. Every action that I took worked and moved the story ahead. It's  a pleasure to just do what comes naturally and have it pay off so consistently. That, and the voice telling the frame story. Really enjoyed this.

Amazed at how much is packaged in this little gem. The writing style is a pleasure; it conveys a whole world beyond what we see in the scene. But it's also a fine game, not too complex, but given the constraints, well done and almost impossible to not replay obsessively.

I started writing this at my hotel in Chicago the evening after my presentation, while it was all very fresh.

Cute game, and scary enough premise for EctoComp! I played through four times.