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Why must you torture me with an imposible puzzle? I replayed so many times to try and save everyone only to realise that the first puzzle is completely impossible. (That's why there's only 8 endings.)

2) So does that mean the other minor characters will get more images?

3) We could make a bio page for each character that could include names, ages, genders, species, apperance descriptions, personality discriptions, and maybe some trivia or little secrets about them.

3.1) I'm just wondering who actually renames the MC in any VNs? I like to stick with the default names because I trust the writer to pick a good name for the MC and I suck at naming chacters.

4) The character selection portion of the VN is denoted by the CS in the top right corner (the day counter during the prologue).

4.1) Also another bug I found is that during Jun's character selection if you right click at the first dicision (usually to open the save menu) you're skipped forwards to the next character selection screen. After this occured I finished Jun's selection (filling in all the empty hearts) and was able to begin, but not quite finish, Kei's character selection. This doen't seem to be intended as when I replayed to the VN to get saves for the other characters, the character selection portion of the VN finished once I had completed one person's selection.

6) The save files for all Ren'Py games (at least for mac) are located at /Users/<username>/Library/RenPy where there is a folder for each game named by the VN name and its id separated by a hyphen (I don't know what the windows equivalent would be). So most of the time, new saves should not be needed unless the id or name is changed. Hence, when you redownload the game to update it, your old saves are usually still there.

7) The log is where recent dialogue is stored so dialogue can be reviewed even if rollback has been disabled or blocked. It's very useful for reading bits of dialogue that has been automatically skipped through (like when Jun starts really panicking). To access the log in Tennis Ace you just need to click the button on the bottom of the screen that has an open book on it.

I know this isn't adressed to me but I would like to answer a few of your qestions/comments and give my opinions on some of the things you've commented on.

1) I've also noticed that some of the characters tend to change clothes a bit erratically sometimes. Also their images beside their spoken text occasionally don't match their on-screen appearance.

2) The placeholder characters come in male and female variations. The male placeholder is a silhouette of Ryoli while the female placeholder is a silhouette of Kyoko. So I don't think they indicate a characters official/final apperance.

3) We chould start up a fandom page or something about the game including pages on each of the characters and sift through the VN for the info. Jun's full name is Jun Kobayashi and is aged 19 years old.

4) It would appear that the VN isn't finished yet looking at the various placeholder images for some characters and how all the non-dateable chacters only have one image. Also, I too hope that it remains free to play.

5) If by "EA" you mean the visual novel Extracurricular Activities, here's a link to the page( ).

6) If you follow a creator, new games they release and updates they post for their existing games should appear in your feed. So if you follow WOTB you should be notified about updates for Tennis Ace and be able to redownload the VN.

7) I've also enjoyed Tennis Ace. The humour was on point. There was a great variety of well-developed characters. The quick-time events spiced things up nicely (although you can kinda cheat by reversing time with scrolling). The sound track was amazing. You weren't kidding about the long prologue (took me two days to finish the prologue: but I'm a slow reader). I look forward to seeing it develop.

8) Shoichi is a husky dog. This is alluded to a number of times in the VN ("musky husky").

9) I would also like to add that the log is very buggy and that I would would like to see a credit page in game so I could look at who did what and lokk up their other work.