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Still one of the best idle game out there, excellent job and thank you so much ♥

Thank you! I agree, the loading is a bit long... It loads all the assets at the starts of the game. But I am glad you could enjoy the game despite that :)

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Clear Map ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Finally!!!
And the tower addition is great. Love the game

Yaaaaaaay love the update! ♥

It's a cute game, well done!

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Hi! As a player, there are a few things I can answer:

"I'm getting a bunch of secrets that give me like 1k% more "money" but it doesn't do anything."
"I buy 1 intern and it tells me that it's producing 33/s but i earn 31k/s instead."

-> Anything that gives you xK% more money is summed under "Profit", when you click on the amount of money you have, at the top of the game.

Owned: X amount of money
Bought: X amount bought with stock
Profit: xK%
Base Gain : x/s -> an amount that takes into account the profit multiplier.

"HR doesn't do anything"

-> HR is the most efficient building for me so far, as it produces people and not money.
Your money production gain is therefore multiplied by the amount of people produced... etc

"Contracts 1-3 were very easy and didn't take long at all to get, but contract 4 is an extreme bump in difficulty."

-> I agree, there is a definitite bump in difficulty at that point, and both rewards are worth it. That is, +15% for interns, and unlocking #005 Contract

Progress on the contracts becomes steady again until #015 Contract, where you reach a new bump.

I feel these bumps are there to make us think of a more efficient build, so it really works for me.

Also, keep in mind there are a bunch of bonuses that are doing nothing until you unlock what they boost.

Hope it helps!

Wooh, one improvement I am thinking about: the ability to sell a department.
Since they act like a Skill Tree, being able to try different things during the same run sounds like a lot of fun (as opposed to prestige and restart from scratch as it is at the moment, which can be frustrating)

Good game! Who knew we could get hooked on following up our activity projects and buying paperclips?
Fiddled a little bit and found that all the information are available when clicking on an item card (price/cost, rewards...)

Definite success on the puzzle aspect of optimizing productivity! ✌🏽

Hey, that's a very cool game! 😎

It kept me hooked until getting all the stats to 100%. I see we can totally continue, but at this point it becomes a little bit repetitive.

Only one comment I'd have, is that the game tends to slow down when left running. I think it might be a late-game thing, with the amount of miniballs being spawned.

I work around it by clicking the upgrades and going back, making the balls respawned. But it might be worth getting fixed.

Good work!

Oh! Just discovered beating the "max" score was possible!
Now to study the other levels further...!

Love the game ♥

Hi Alex,

Thank you very much for the kind words :)
I'm really glad you like the album! It is not 100% finished yet (ironically 😂), and will be published widely once everything is done.
I just love and wanted to make an early, free release here ;)

The publication is actually made possible by another 'game', developed by the amazing torcado, you can find the application here:

And here is torcado on Twitter, where I discovered the scritch editor :


Ooooh, that's so nice, thank you :)

Yeah, I like that little bean of a robot, very useful!
Have you tried the challenges? They can be quite hard, even once you've finished the main game ;)
(and if you do, know that I love screenshots and/or description of the levels made by the players)

I am definitely noting the tooltip advice, I think you are right... Time to go through the project and improve the user interface with bits and bobs!


Hi Roshee! Thank you for playing the game :)

The Battery stores energy when touched or jumped on. When full, the energy is released to the next Roboto that bounces on it, adding a multiplier to the scrap metal collected. It's cumulative for some robots. ;)

Try a settup with these four blocks on a line : Start-Battery-Basic-End, and you'll see what happens everytime the block is full, and what happens when the arrow is down.

Have fun!


You're in luck ;)

Idle Roboto is out on Steam! With a 15% discount:

Hi! I have been playing Slash Roll Dice for a little bit less than a year now, and I wanted to tell you how great it is. You made a very good game, thank you :)

It's pretty cool so far :) It's your solid, basic incremental with upgrades!

Your comment is the one reason I made this game :D I can go in peace now ♥

Hi jetdajet,

I thought you would like to know the Super-Duper-Mega-Update I was working on Idle Roboto is now available ;)

If you still have time to play, I really hope you will enjoy the additions I made to it, and especially the Challenges menu!

Have fun

Great platformer, great slasher, great hunt for highscores, dark story and gore effects. It's so damn hard and it's so damn fun!


Thank you for this feedback and the nice review :p it means a lot.

I agree, Über and Elio physics are affected by the speedUp button, and it was part of many strats when I launched the game in August.
It seems to be bothering a few people though, so I am currently reworking them to be slightly more balanced during the SpeedUp. Will probably roll out the update soon-ish.

For the blocks/robot behaviour, I have begun to write a Starter guide, but as it is not yet finished or available online, here is a quick excerpt that I hope will help :)

The blocks:     

 Start: Assembles 1 Roboto every 3 seconds. Bouncing on it has no effect.

End: Stores the scrap metal collected by Roboto when they enter it.

Basic: Gives 1 scrap of metal when bounced on, doesn’t change Roboto’s behaviour.

Jump: Contains 3 scraps of metal, makes Roboto jump.

Battery: Stores energy when touched. When full, the energy is released if Roboto bounces on it. Add a multiplier to the scrap metal collected. Cumulative for some robots.

Wall: Has a HP gauge and is breakable. It contains as many scrap metal as its HP. The HP regenerates over time.

Incremental: Increases its own value when touched. When Roboto bounces on it, its multiplier increases with the block’s. Cumulative.

Random: Can have a variety of effect, from changing Roboto’s direction to changing its size, or even affect gravity.

For the robots behaviours, I tried to make it as intuitive as possible in-game, and figuring them out is part of the gameplay ^^".
Here is to nudge you in the right direction: Über is heavy, Elio has wings, Cyber goes fast... etc

Have fun, and keep watching the page for future updates!

Hi Jet,

I hope the game is not dead, and it seems that a few people are regularly coming to play or discovering the game :)

I sure am not dead, (interesting choice of word (x_x)⌒☆  ).

I have not been updating the game in September, for there is nothing major to push in an update, and I am focusing my efforts on trying to make and android-compatible version.

Since it is not a small task, and that I am not at all a developer, it might happen this year, or it might happen later :)

Is there anything you would like to see in an update in the meantime?

Have fun,


The Neato Update is live ;)

Hey Syrgpure,

I really love this, your setup is great! You're taking full advantage of the active play in this. Have you tried active play with other robots as well? (hint hint)
I am so glad you like the game, I keep adding touches here and there as I see people's comments.
I tried your level design and the bonus didn't apply when the battery emptied itself :( but I just love the idea so I went into the code and made sure it will apply every time now ;) There will officially be a 'Neato' update with a powered up Battery (and a few others suprises) thanks to you! I should roll it pretty soon.
If you keep playing, don't hesitate to send other designs, it's great to see what you came up with, and good luck with the school, these are indeed unusual times!

Have fun,

Totally worth it ;)

Hi Jet!

Thank you for this. I did fix the Über's jump to make it more natural, however, as Syrgpure wrote, moving the opposite way when landing from up high is intentional, so I didn't touch that ;)

I also fixed a couple of behaviours late game, tell me if you notice anything!

P.S: Have you unlocked Shiny yet?

Have fun

Ooooh good job! You actually reworked the pixel art! I love how Über looks very muscular and Shiny looks like a religious apparition  : )

I will keep it preciously, thank you very much. Maybe in a future update I could implement it (I'll see how it fits).


Thank you for trying the game, I am glad you're having fun with it :)

Explaining as little as possible is intentional, I do want people to spend some time figuring things out. I hope it is not too frustrating.

When the game is out for a little while, I am thinking of posting a guide to explain how things work a little futher. But for now I am trying not to spoil anything ^^

Have fun!