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Thank you for this feedback and the nice review :p it means a lot.

I agree, Über and Elio physics are affected by the speedUp button, and it was part of many strats when I launched the game in August.
It seems to be bothering a few people though, so I am currently reworking them to be slightly more balanced during the SpeedUp. Will probably roll out the update soon-ish.

For the blocks/robot behaviour, I have begun to write a Starter guide, but as it is not yet finished or available online, here is a quick excerpt that I hope will help :)

The blocks:     

 Start: Assembles 1 Roboto every 3 seconds. Bouncing on it has no effect.

End: Stores the scrap metal collected by Roboto when they enter it.

Basic: Gives 1 scrap of metal when bounced on, doesn’t change Roboto’s behaviour.

Jump: Contains 3 scraps of metal, makes Roboto jump.

Battery: Stores energy when touched. When full, the energy is released if Roboto bounces on it. Add a multiplier to the scrap metal collected. Cumulative for some robots.

Wall: Has a HP gauge and is breakable. It contains as many scrap metal as its HP. The HP regenerates over time.

Incremental: Increases its own value when touched. When Roboto bounces on it, its multiplier increases with the block’s. Cumulative.

Random: Can have a variety of effect, from changing Roboto’s direction to changing its size, or even affect gravity.

For the robots behaviours, I tried to make it as intuitive as possible in-game, and figuring them out is part of the gameplay ^^".
Here is to nudge you in the right direction: Über is heavy, Elio has wings, Cyber goes fast... etc

Have fun, and keep watching the page for future updates!