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Hi Roshee! Thank you for playing the game :)

The Battery stores energy when touched or jumped on. When full, the energy is released to the next Roboto that bounces on it, adding a multiplier to the scrap metal collected. It's cumulative for some robots. ;)

Try a settup with these four blocks on a line : Start-Battery-Basic-End, and you'll see what happens everytime the block is full, and what happens when the arrow is down.

Have fun!


yeah, I figured it out by now ;) Also I finished the game and must say it´s quite fun :D A few tooltips or general information would improve it alot :) Once I figured out a certain  bot gets boni based on runtime, my income exploded ^^

Ooooh, that's so nice, thank you :)

Yeah, I like that little bean of a robot, very useful!
Have you tried the challenges? They can be quite hard, even once you've finished the main game ;)
(and if you do, know that I love screenshots and/or description of the levels made by the players)

I am definitely noting the tooltip advice, I think you are right... Time to go through the project and improve the user interface with bits and bobs!