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Hello! I’m glad you liked our game! Thank for your detailed feedback.

I already noticed the problem of having to go through the left side before publishing the game. :( The main idea we had is that, if you’re getting the coffee, the ghost will wander around the scenario, giving the player some space to evade it when going out there and to avoid the ghost being so near of the player’s safe zone, probably tuning that could avoid the problem that you mentioned. Unfortunately, we started late the jam and we didn’t had much time to add this change, aside of other improvements, so I decided to focus on adding a very small tutorial and the floating icons so the players will know where to go and what to do.

About the collision problem, I already fixed it on my local copy, it happened even more on the first versions and I left unintentionally a small collision that provoked that error. u_u

I like the ideas of variating orders or adding power-ups (we were thinking even on one power-up for the ghost, to noclip through the tables and chairs for a small time frame whenever a client leaves angry (because there’s bad mood in the ambience and the ghost feeds from it). And having the possibility for the ghost to run faster would be very interesting! I’ll try some approaches to see which seems to fit better.

Again, thank you a lot for the feedback and for trying the game! We’ll update it probably with those fixes and some improvements, also adding the missing client model that we didn’t had time to import. If you take a look to the page in the future, maybe you’ll be able to see it soon :)

Glad you enjoyed our game too! I’ll keep taking a look then after the jam. Have a great weekend! :)

Thanks for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed it! :)

Yes, I know the ghost sometimes gets stuck, I already have the fix in my local. You can consider you defeated then the AI. :E Thank you too for notifying me the error!

Hello again! I tried to execute and play it again and I couldn’t hear any sound on the Linux compilation. I didn’t know exactly the problem, so I run the game from the Terminal and I received this error:

ERROR: Condition "status < 0" is true. Returning: ERR_CANT_OPEN
   at: init_output_device (drivers/alsa/audio_driver_alsa.cpp:90)
WARNING: All audio drivers failed, falling back to the dummy driver.
     at: initialize (servers/audio_server.cpp:232)
ERROR: .NET: Failed to load hostfxr
   at: initialize (modules/mono/mono_gd/gd_mono.cpp:388)

So summarizing, after installing some ALSA drivers that I was missing I can hear the music and sounds correctly.

Never trust a novice Arch Linux user, hahaha! Sorry for the noise! :E

Thank you for trying our game and for the positive feedback! If you love the art style, maybe you can check @eliimperio’s other social media accounts, probably you’ll find more there :D

Have a great weekend!

Hi again!

Yes, I know, we also had some small bugs and we can’t still fix them. It happens a lot in jams, don’t worry about it! And yes, for sure I’ll come back :)

Have a nice weekend!

Awesome icebreaker! I have to try it, it can be worth to try even with a known person, when we don’t know where to go. Also the design of the style is very cozy! :D

I was not expecting the game to improve one of my favorite songs, but this was such a ride, awesome and so powerful. Thank you <3

I love the looks of this game, awesome!! ÖoÖ

I like a lot the atmosphere of the game! I also had the problem of not being able to do the paperwork on the second day, but I’ll keep an eye on the game page to see if you update it after the jam, very interesting! :D

I loved this game! The physics are very fun to play, I broke many rocks (more than I was expecting), but I could arrive to the end. beep boop beep

Also the music was so groovy! And the graphics are very cool, like the robot and the cacti. And the color palette is beautiful!

Very cool! I’ll wait for the second part that includes the flamethrower. :D

Ok, that made me laugh, not sure if it was intended, but for sure it was fun. And I liked a lot your art! :D

I loved the assets and the story. And the small bear STRESSED me out, hahaha! The game seems that abruptly ended when triggering the conversation after getting all the coffee from the houses, but I liked it a lot, congrats for the great game you’ve done! :)

This was fun to play, physics are interesting and one pumpkin got stuck on the wheel and then propelled to sky. :D Graphics are also cool!

Very fun game with fun sounds :)

Mocha is adorable! It was challenging and I like the fast pace of the game. :)

We made ourselves a pumpkin spiced latte. :D Very fun to play, I’d love to see more!

Thanks a lot for your comment and for trying the game! Glad to know you enjoyed it :D

(1 edit)

The pixel graphics are cute and very easy to read on the screen. Fun story and gameplay, great! :)

Edit: Forgot to mention that I liked a lot also this kind of glow effect of the sprites!

Wow, that was cozy and scary, following that order. The art is very cool and the music was fitting very well to the mood of the story. The writing conveys many feelings and it hooked me from start to end. Very great! :)

Very challenging! I got stuck also in the bomb part, but it was nice to play. The main character is cute. :)

P.S.: I think the sound doesn’t work on the Linux compilation, it may be possible? Maybe it’s my problem.

Addicting! Also the music is very catchy :D

The pixel art of your game is rad!

Thank you! I’m happy that you liked it :D

I have to say that I laughed a lot programming the player’s shout.

I’m glad you liked our game! Thank you for the feedback. :)

I forgot completely to add the meaning of the counter in the description, but it is: Happy clients (that were served)/Angry clients (that disappeared before being served)/Times the ghost scared Manolo. I’m adding it now to the game’s description!

We will add for sure some improvements after the jam so the ghost can leave some space while you’re preparing the coffees.

Thank you again!


I liked the mix of themes in the game and learning more about the coffee grain. I haven’t found the last key to open the goal on the last level, but I managed to noclip a wall passed the goal, so I guess I finished it. :p

Physics were interesting when climbing the ramps and jumping at the same time (I liked that for sure), some parts a bit difficult, but fun overall! Great! :)

I was not expecting that, LOL. That was for sure a trip, I could not pass from level 3, but I will try again for sure.

I liked a lot the aggresive coffee beans with the googly eyes, the main mechanic to brew the coffee and the twist. Somehow I had some errors with the shading and flashing lights, but:

  • I’m playing with a recent Arch Linux installation, so maybe it’s my problem.
  • It added more interesting and hallucinatory effects to everything, so even having a bit of photosensibility, it was very cool for me.

I liked it a lot, very nice! :)

Addicting! I had to force myself to stop playing :E

I was about to say that it reminded me to Celeste until I saw the last screen. :D

I enjoyed it although it made me nervous, hahahaha! (I like these kind of platformers). Very defying, but I could get the crown!

The ambience and lighting of the cafe is amazing, I’d love to be there! And the 3D characters are so cute. I think the isometric style fits a lot with this kind of game, I’d love to see more of it!

Well done! :)

Fun way to move! I could save 50 humans. :E

I liked the sprites too and the retro feel!

Beautiful, loved the touching story and how the environment changes while the characters tell their story. I could also drink a mocha. I enjoyed it a lot, congrats for the game! :)

I love how the scenario and coffee beans appears while you keep playing the game. I also love the ghostly dog! :D

I like the colors you used for the art and the music was very relaxing for me, I kept playing it a while. Cool game!

P.S.: This is my last score!

I liked a lot the writing and the characters (specially the three raccoons in a trench coat). :)

I liked a lot the ambience of the game! I never imagined before playing it a zombie serving coffees, I think that topic has to be explored. :p

Great work!

Very great, I enjoyed hiding from those ghosts! Game works very smooth and it’s fun to play. Also, I like a lot seeing another person using Godot! :D Very nice!

Probably it’s not the best record, but I’ve done it!

I liked this game a lot! The main character is very cute and I love them, it was very entertaining having to play to minigames depending on which drink you want to prepare. Also I liked the color palette selection and the small sounds the clients do when they leave (“eeehh”). And finally, it’s very nice also to see another person in the jam using Godot! :D

Very nice work! :3

I love the characters and the style of the game. I really liked having all those ingredients and how they modified the color of the brew. I’d love to see more of this game, very cozy and fun, congrats! :)

I loved the amount of choices I can do and the interesting story, very heartwarming. I have to try it again! :)