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Cuando tengas portfolio, criticas, bro

No, ahora en serio, está muy currado y concuerdo con los comentarios de abajo: ojalá durase más. :)

Tremendo el Fasciophobia 10/10

This application is really really cool <3_<3


The cutest game, thanks <3

I got nothing, woohoo! :>

At the very least, allow us to make people marked as “Contributors” without making them an admin that can edit the game page.

This could be really useful.

Really great, I came back home. :)

Aaaaaa, thank you so much! <3 Glad you enjoyed it! :3

how to survive is a secret, mwahaha! thank you! :)

:o curious coincidence

thank you! I beep boopd my best :>

vroom vroom brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr puiiiiiip!

cool music and visuals! i’d like to play this with a touch screen

cool mechanics and colors! i like it

good physics! i love moving boxes on low-gravity :)

(1 edit)

30/30 converts paper into spaghetti… woohoo! i exploded like 100 times before reading “return to finish”, hehe

moral of the story fits to my lifestyle :) hope they enjoy the chocolate

great puzzles, reminded me to some puzzles from old zelda games! I’m not sure, but I arrived to level 7 and the last piece did not trigger any level change or win, but I’ll take that as a “low effort-you win!”

really great gameplay! I didn’t know I missed playing 2D tank games until now :-)

antibezos aktion, great tax simulator! hope he goes to gulag <3

I tried but I could not win :( anyway, cool physics and great music!

cool and entertaining, i got all the waifus and now i’m happy :)

that sounds COOL

sometimes is so difficult for me to get up and take control of my sleeping hours, so this game is really relatable to me <3

woah, the rotating camera is really a game changer. imagine a sonic game with that, lolol


i think i’ll tryyy defying gravity! (falls off the edge) i really like the character design

wow, the last part is hard. dunno why it reminded me to patapon, cool gameplay!

the music is great!

relaxing! cool to play while listening “Wario land 3 - World Map (Night).mp3” :)

wow, being able to modify Xs and Os when no one wins is an extra low-effort, great!

wow, I really like the movement! the concept reminds me distantly to the first game I published for a game jam :> cool

great music and graphics! chill

thank you! love that song :>

i would too <3

thanks! i tried my best at low-effort! :>

that fox was hard to evade, but I won!