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Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed the experience :)

Thank you so much for playing! :)

The ending screen is intentional! I struggled for a while to figure out a good way to end it, but I ended up thinking something jarring and disappointing was the best way to go but it definitely does come out of left field haha

Oops, sorry about that! I believe it should  be fixed now

A game about Dorion Grey would definitely be an interesting one. The flavour text and original art was pretty good, it would've been interesting to see something like Dorion Grey go even more 'unscripted' though!

That was great! I loved the arcadey feel and the mechanics were solid. It got difficult fairly quickly, but that's something to be expected from a faux-NES game. Great work!

Not too shabby, turned out pretty good! People should probably go into this with context or likely they'll be a little bit lost.

I quite enjoyed this! I liked being able to apply my knowledge of fairy tales to predict and sort of 'game' the optimal ending (like coming back later to the village to steal the sheep after the boy cried wolf). Some of the text was a bit difficult to read, but other than that it was a pretty fun experience!

I like the art, very Greek vase/Apotheon-esq and I enjoy the way the game plays as a laid-back kind of management game. It's a little unbalanced though I find - creatures deal too much damage and usually don't offer enough money to recoup the cost of fighting them.

This makes me want to read the Oz series now - there was quite a few moments where I was thoroughly confused only to have it make sense a few lines later which was nice. Having a few more choices would be nice too!

I liked all the different environments - it seemed funny to me that she just becomes independent and begins destroying all the wildlife in the forest though haha. I do wonder what happened to Granny; maybe a little more story in the exploration areas to keep the player intersted?

I'm still interested in seeing where this goes, I like the character designs and the premise a lot :D The voice modulator things is pretty cool too, I was actually wondering how to implement that into Unity just the other day!

(Also the submitted build has an error, the RobinHoodie_Data file needs to be renamed RobinHoodie_WIP_Data !)

Ah, someone else with the public domain superhero idea! I like what you were shooting for, it's a shame not much of it got completed :(

Nice job! My only criticism would be that the character movements were slightly difficult to maneuver with and that it was a little too difficult (I failed twice and only just finished with three seconds to spare), so maybe cut down the distance to the goal or give the player more time? I liked the lighting and how you can 'ping' the environment to see what's ahead - very interesting dynamic :D

That was great! I never thought I'd have MacDuff hugging MacBeth while MacBeth twerks and holds a pickle in my entire life (but probably for good reason). Some of the interactions were awesome and I loved how the actors acted out the changes and some of the changes were reflected in the script. You've got my vote! :D

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Whoops! Sorry about that, thought I had uploaded those as well. :o I'll work on getting a Linux and Mac build up tonight, but be warned I have no means to test them!

UPDATE: Mac and Linux builds have been added! :)

Hey thanks for the review and playthrough! It is pretty basic and sorry it wasn't quite what you expected - we actually had other people say the exact same thing so you're definitely not alone there either ;D Thanks again for playing! :)

That was great! I loved the look and wanted to see where it went (though I had trouble sticking through it because it could be really frustrating at times, a checkpoint or two would be most welcome).

If I had made this I would've ended the game once the player got hit on level two personally, but that's just me!

Oh wow, thank you so much for playing! It was just a quick prototype so we unfortunately couldn't add all the levels we wanted to :c Hopefully one day when I get more time I'll be able to go back to it and add some more content to fill it out a bit! :)