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I would highly recommend ZeroRanger. I'm not an expert shmup player, so it was pretty challenging for me, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I bought it at full price, and I was completely satisfied with it.

The link to A Good Snowman goes to the Sokobond page. Glad to see it in the bundle, I really liked it (as well as A Monster's Expedition).

There are some obvious similarities to Hero Core, but it also has it's own unique style as well. I definitely recommend it.

You might need to edit the URLs, all of them link to Moon Hunters

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I just picked up the game, but it seems my download page is missing the Steam key.

Edit: Got it, thanks! Looking forward to playing this amazing looking game!

You need to include the URL for the script to pick it up

Getting a 404 error for that URL

Blurbs added to a collection are always attributed to the person that added the game to a collection, rather than the person that wrote the blurb.

Steps to reproduce
1. Create a collection, and add another user as a contributor.
2. User 1 adds a game to the collection
3. User 2 adds a blurb for that game

Expected outcome
Display should read "User 2 says ..."

Observed outcome
Display reads "User 1 says ..."

Doesn't seem like this was included. It seems like that URL you posted redirects to, maybe the script can't handle the redirect for some reason?