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A Timer will make this game more fun to speed run


Very Fun To Play I love it. I played it more than 10 times.

Very Fun To Play I love it.

The use of the theme turn up the heat is that you choose your game's intensity :(

There were many glitches .I got stuck 5 times.collision of the game was lacking.but the game was fine 


I loved the Graphics. It was very Nice Game 

Super Hard But  It was Fun Game. I Liked it

I Loved the simple and fun mechanism of the game

me 5

Good Game.I love the sound effects and music .But there some glitch were i could not replay the game 

Yes i had the same experiance playing this game

Very  good animations . Good Game

I love the Art-style. Good Job

Fun Game Good job.

Good Game. 

I had fun with the Baseball level

Thank you

Very addictive game, Music  fit very well . It was hard and fun to play 

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Thanks. The rabbit and cars level took  me a long time to make

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Nice , Very Good 


Liluo-link has been added.

Nice very fun to play But give some better instructions

This game Doesn't have a  charcter. Fix it

i am aslo looking you a teamate