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@jupi, thanks a lot!

@danisobo, thank you for this comment!

I am showing the game around and I am analyzing the responses and reactions. Most people like it, but these were all friends. I ll keep the idea alive.

Never heard of flappy golf, will have a look.

The controls ar pretty much the way I thought them to be. I will keep on testing and will try your suggestion, though.

@dirindon: thanks. Yes, these occasions definately happen. Thought about implementing a reset button, but there was no time left.

@danisobo: If you mean in-game menu, you wont find this in the android version either :/ No time. What you will find in the Android version is most probably some lag :D

@StarCrunch: Played it on an Android device. The controls are too far away from the bottom, so when holding the device with one hand (I think this is normal for a portait game) its hard to reach them.

@lukasz, really? Did not recognize this :/

@sporkfin, great, will definately keep this offer in mind!

Unfortunately I do not have a mac to test the game :(

Very nice looking graphics and nice fluid animations. Pitty that there is no real game mechanics there :/

I dont know the original but like this version a lot. Solid implementation.

I ll give an extra star for the theme implementation, especially the name :)

I like the ovrall impression of the game and the assets are nice. It even gives a chilly feeling when running around the dark with this creepy things :)

Could not figure out how the controls work :/

Cool game, I like that there are actually different mini games inside.

Nice incorporation of the theme.

Pretty roots hand made art ;)

I hadproblems with the controls in the first two levels.

I did not understand it:( Thats sad because it seems pretty accurate (netflix binge, new feature, ... :D)

A part of this, I liked the implementation and the characters, I already found my representative ;)

very beautiful game and a quite inovative interpretation of the theme.

I got angry some times about the controls as they are kinda indirect, but this might be intentional.

Pitty that the gesture control did not work out, curious how this would have turned out...

Nice graphics and animation of the paper balls.

I never got past 80%. Just like in real life :D

Verycomplete game...

I like the implementation and simplicity of the game. Nice representation of the jam theme.

I don't know many of the words so for me it was pure luck to get the balance right.

This is simply perfect, sound, graphics, difficulty, game design, theme implementation, even how you linked your other games ;)

The sounds are really fun, they perfectly fit the skeleton :D

I had quite some fun playing this game with my wife :)

I just missed the link to the jam theme...

I did like the grafics but didnt understand the game. How to know whatmonsters to attack and when to run? Is it pure luck?

I could not understand the game. I don't know the Ultima series and I did not understand a lot of the words :/ Will give it another try later on...

Very nice idea, I think it perfectly fits the theme.

very inovative controls. There is quite a lot that can be done with this!

Interessting. Pans block cucumbers and chairs block axes, great! :D

The games crashed the two times I got to an boss :/

Thank you and yes, same for me. On desktop it is easier than on mobile, it wasn't ment to be thaaaat hard :)


Just got the android version working and uploaded an apk. It took me about 20 minutes to figure out the problem. So now I am definately over the time, but its good to have a mobile version :)

(updated the logs post above...)

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Who is interessted, here is a little log about the progress:

04.04.17 - 23:00
created the skeleton with the ponyblitz files.
tried to use tiled to create the levels.
could not get tiled to load with the ponyblitz ponytiled module :(
log_1.jpg, log_2.jpg
05.04.17 - 0:30
->1.5 hs (~1 h trying to get tiled and ponytile to work)

07.04.17 - 21:30
got Tiled working with Corona and ponytiled
now I have the tiled map loaded and can actually start making the game :)
07.04.17 - 22:00
->0.5 hs (~0.5 hs trying to get tiled and ponytile working)

07.04.17 - 22:30
got a very ugly way working to create the map with physics bodies attached
log_3.jpg, log_4.jpg
08.04.17 - 00:30
->2 hs (~1.8 hs trying to understand tiled and ponytile)

08.04.17 - 13:45
-got the main game mechanics done (jump, jet, falling)
08.04.17 - 14:45

09.04.17 - 13:00
made the map scroll with the player
adjusted the speed
disabled the posibility to jump again when sliding a wall
fixed the start menu
added a win platform
added a gameOverScreen
added the win logic
09.04.17 - 14:40

09.04.17 - 22:30
implemented a new makeWorld function that takes a global level variable to load the different levels
included additional HUD elements (like the jump counter)
got the jump counter working properly
09.04.17 - 23:00

09.04.17 - 23:00
Created the other worlds (~2 hours)
Started building the app, run into lots of problems
wont start on android
dublicated menus
In the end I used my own menu implementation and dropped ponymenu and ponysnap
10.04.17 - 3:00
-> 2 hours for publishing stuff :(

10.04.17 - 10:00
Added a description
10.04.17 - 10:05

10.04.17 - 12:40
Got the android version running
10.04.17 - 13:00

-> 4h15 for the game
-> ~4h grafik assets
-> ~2h publishing (win only)
-> ~2h random loosing time

-> 20 mins android publishing

Pushed a mini update (1.0.1) and added a description at the beginning.

It is done!

The game took me just about 4 hours to make. (Just coding)

Overall I needed some 12 hours, with making the map and getting used (or not) to the ponyblitz template.

I uploaded only an exe file, as I could not get it to work on ANdroid. File permission/folder structure problems :(
Maybe I will get this done tomorrow.

Overall it was a great experience!!

So I just spent another 2.5 hours with tiled and ponytiled and finally got something to work with.

I actually spent only about 30 minutes with coding, the rest was figuring out how to get my map into corona...



This is probably the worst way of doing it, but now I have something to work with (player and some ground, both are physics objects)

I will spend some more time now to try my idea, I think its ok, as I only spent time on the asset, right? :)

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Spent the first 1,5 hours trying to make the first level with tiled and load it into the PonyBlitz skeleton via the ponytiled module.
Could not get it to work :(



I have to admit that I never used Tiled before, though.

Lets see if I can find a work around tomorrow...

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This is the best that I could come up for now. I actually wanted to make a (real) desktop app, with mouse and keyboard controls, but it seems that my brain is already too used to mobile devices... And it might even be fun...

Working title: Jet Jumping Virtues

Side scrolling 2d game with tricky? (new?) controls.

The levels are made up by the seven (heavenly) virtues as words, written in a font like Press Start 2P (
(the right order needs to be play tested)

The player always starts on the first letter and needs to reach the last letter.
The player has one life and always needs to start from the beginning when dead.

Each step consists of three movements: up, right, down - in this order.
When pressed one of the movements, the player accelerates in this direction until he either leaves the screen (or some preset boarder),
a new movement is choosen or the ground (some character of the current word) is reached.
The characters can not be hit sidewards, only when in downwards direction.

Simple as the font, probably a grey square on white letters with black background, maybe different colored end letter.

Reach the end of the last virtue. If this will be too easy (or there is time left), add some type of score, like time,
(least) number of moving cycles, number of letters touched, ...