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No plans to make clothes right now :) it's a lot of work! But if I ever release characters (for example, Jujubee), they'll have psd&asesprite animation files with isolated clothing items.

Absolutely staggering update (multiple ingame sizes!! doodads!!), and with an equally big update around the corner, this is crazy! So excited to see the results of all your work!

Oh my god...I'm so stupid It says "block" for me so I instinctively thought "uh oh. dont click that" because of   social media.  So sorry & thanks for the help with this

The city generator doesn't have a shape menu either ...? Style > Buildings just says "No Outline / Raised / Tight / No Triangles / Improved Lots", and adjusting them does nothing for this error??

In the city viewer? The only options are "roof pitch" and "towers".

Hey, I'm also having issues loading my Really Big Map, but there's no such thing as a "shape" menu in the Buildings section. It doesn't exist?

Just saw "silent protagonist and silent antagonist". So do they have to be simultaneous? Both the villain and the hero must be mute?

1. What are limitations on fonts? My game has an exhausting amount of text, so I'm trying to decide on a readable font,  and the best ones I have (Open Sans or Comic Neue) didn't exactly come with my computer. It's not a game resource, so not sure where that sits.

2. My art software comes with default assets loaded in (e.g. colourful dreamy circle masks, speed lines, etc.) Are these an extension of the freedom to use any art software? They Clip Studio Paint RTP, if you will.

3. You didn't write anything about this in the rules and I just saw a thread about it where the back-and-forth was a little confusing; so it's okay to use my own assets as long as they're publically available? I used the sprites I made from my pack and spent a huge chunk of time drawing up 8-directional movement for this project. Making sprites takes so much time I would have to drop out of the jam if it isn't allowed, so it's panic-inducing.

I think...that actually depends on the asset?

Bushy tree had the 1-pixel outer lines adjusted, then I painted over the rest with a thick brush; you can tell by the grainy, pillowy effect.

The barren tree was too crushed up from the upscaling process because of the curved lines; I had to redraw it completely. No ambiguity there.

The wide tree was edited a little more carefully because of how small the leaves were; I had to go down it chunk-by-chunk to redraw the edges of each spot of colour, like I would with lineart. This is the 2 day tree. It is more or less "drawing over" the image, but it was all done on the same layer, simply because of how pixel art works. I don't really have any way of knowing how much was "my" work in that case. Judging from the fact every leaf was originally a perfect rectangle, presumably more than 80% is my work, but.... ????

Similar problem of ambiguity with this white bridge: the "lineart" was redrawn, but the noise was copy-pasted from the original because I had no idea how to reproduce that coloured grain, and then edited those pastes so it would fit on the boards.

Wanted to use upscaled XP trees I did, but not sure if it quite counts?

For context, I upscaled them by nearest neighbour, then redrew all the boxed edges to recreate the original look. I feel like the process took so much time (about 2 days to pull off 1 tree) that it counts as something I made, but it's based on a previous maker's RTP & isn't quite draw-over, so I'm not sure where it lands.

The rule about it not being allowed to use money says "no DLC, only things you make yourself, in other words: no money spent", and you only clarify plugins can be used. Can we use free assets (like the RMN music packs for example)?

I have no idea how you managed to put DLC in the default project creation (beyond the obvious of the character creator autoloading parts in for you), but the filenames should have different naming conventions.  DF_[file], MZEZ_[file], C__[file]_mvt, etc. 

The theme seems to be strictly "onboard assets", but generators are made to be assembled independently. I want to be able to have characters who express emotions, but in order to do that, utilizing the generator is the only possible tool I can use.

So is it No Custom DLC Parts Allowed, only the generator that came out of the box?

Thanks for the feedback! A lot of it was rushed (like REALLY BADLY rushed) but things like the transition stuff and issues you encountered while playing like the unpredictability of random attacks wouldn't have taken any time to adjust, so it's really useful!

I want to make a similar game in RPG Maker MZ first to get some practice in, but hopefully I can return to this with a bunch of updates and chapter 2 sometime.

I was like "well, I like the UI setting",  but WOW when the game really gets going it has a lot of thought put into it for a gag story. The perfect ending made me beam. This contains rich Harold Essence.

The point of using those customized assets was just that I hate the way RTP looks, and the only sideview sprites I have have RTP faces, so RIP frontview it is 😔

Overall, a lot of this is just time constraints. I was essentially relearning 70% of how to use MV at all with a 5-day deadline while I was already injured. The game itself was made in about 2 and a half days. Things like the tacked-on skills were just because I knew the battle system was difficult, but I couldn't balance it without taking some trial and error time, so I just slapped on skills that would speed up the process. Same with the tiers being walkable; because I drew a map that relied on being able to walk on those tiles, it was just faster to make it possible to walk on than redraw an entire 3rd of the map from scratch. I had NO time.

It's actually interesting to see how much "no time; apply the most superficial version of my idea" looks just like "idea unfulfilled" from a player's point of view. There's obvious problems I have to really focus on and remember when making a new game, but also stuff that I would never do if I had even a tiny bit more freedom. It's good for mindfulness, especially the need to make cuts rather than leave in unfinished stuff.