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Again no follow up after the Admin indicated that he was going to fix my issue, it has not been fixed, and has not reply to my follow up emails. Could you try messaging him again, thanks!

Cheers! Got the reply from them shortly after you message them hopefully they can get my problem sorted now. Much appreciated 

Submitted a ticket on the 25th of July and yet I am waiting for a response. Why does it takes that long?

Merci! :) happy new year!

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Hiya! Sorry to hear about your problem, did u try to press 'ESC' (in game)->Options and change the resolution or fullscreen from there? Anyway good to hear that despite the issue, you enjoyed our game. Thanks for the feedback and happy new year!

Cheers mate, I am glad that you enjoyed the game :). Have happy new year

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Hello fellow players, my partner and I have recently finished our first project together and we would like to share it with all of you, check our new game at

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Hi, first of all sorry for the inconvenience. As a quick fix try to lower the Graphic settings to High instead of Ultra. I think I know where the issue could be I'm working on it :)

EDIT: FIXED 25-12-2017