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best clicky game I have ever played, total win

i liked the sounds

If anybody would like to take a look,  maybe offer some improvements.. or just make the gameplay interesting, here is the Unity package for the game... **warning** project is full of "Artist's Code"  

download link to Unity pack

I forgot.. to do Alpha Centauri, I'll have to use my own gravity system instead of the Unity physics engine.. but that gravity script worked well in the last game jam, so I think I can just recreate it... 

and I would like to add in some 2D hinge joints to Crowley's arms and legs, to give him a ragdoll effect while falling... that might be beyond my abilities, since I've just not gotten hinges to work yet

thanks.. and unfortunately that is all there is..

there are a few moons, asteroids and planetoids floating around.. the goal was to make the saucer a "rescue ship".. . there is a disabled saucer somewhere on the map that needs rescuing... but I wasn't able to get the gameplay for that in..  it's neat, the disabled ship is broadcasting a distress signal that you can see on the minimap.. the signal bounces off planets and moons nicely.. 

oh yeah, and your saucer needs several seconds to build up enough thrust in order to leave that planet's gravity well.. I didn't really explain that well at alll in game

 (I'm not really a coding person.. I spent the last 2 days of the jam just fixing collision errors so that asteroids kill the saucer put not planets and planets kill the saucer and asteroids but don't kill the landing gear..  but I did learn a lot, especially about how collisions work in 2D Unity which I did not know before.. ) I really enjoyed this Black&White universe and think it deserves to be fleshed out a bit more.. it definatly needs guns and things for the player to do

btw, did you ever try going up?

thanks very much.. my kid recently has gotten into Monty Python.. so been watching a lot of Terry Gilliam and I think it's had an influence

my wife wants Alpha Centauri to be in it.. so, eventually

anything it needs? (besides everything)

um.. everything.. just getting this version up to the level of the desktop version.. 

thanks, I'm going to finish this once the jam is over..  also, try going up (I feel there should be more than one way to win)

2 things I couldnt get working, but will eventually is rag doll effects for Crowley and I want to switch to a sitting character once he touches the bench, and play and end game message.. (escape quits, in the desktop version, which I'll post after the jam... bu5 thanks for taking a look

very cool look

hey, thanks for taking the time to try out my game, those are some very well thought out points.. especially the desktop version (which really does run and look better).. i'm gonna work on some of those issues before I show the game to my wife (who isn't really a gamer but would enjoy this on her 5 min shuttle ride up the hill)

Love it.. I couldnt' finish the game though, because I spilled my coffee

oh wow.. this is the game I  want to make.. 

I got alot further... and it plays very differntly on m  wife's computer than on mine.. I was having an easier time with it in fullscreen but on my laptop it was annoying... but I have an annoying laptop.

I got as far as the second screen

nice colour matching game..  ohh… that's why I failed

No controls.. or couldn't figure them out.... but I like seeing little guys hit each other.. so

I liked it.. 

I think I won... I'm happy that's all that matters

love the look

I liked it.. tricked me and made me mad

nice.. would be nice as well to offer some info on the game controls... WASD to move, and Space to jump is a bit awkward..