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Well, the most complicated yet best addition would probably be either lan or lobby based matchmaking (player hosts, not a server) 

Other than that probably some neat cosmetics, like frog color schemes, bat colors/skins 

New maps and a soundtrack would also be dope.

If you plan on releasing the source at all or giving me the option to work on my suggestions I'd love to do that :)

any updates planned ? me and my friend fucking LOVE this game 

or at least planning to release the source ?

Had a long day of school today so i couldnt finish as much as i would have liked to. 

reedited the particle effects and bought Pixel Fx Designer to help me with the particle design. 

Gonna try to finish more particles tomorrow. 

I didnt get much done myself today, struggled with a bad headache and general confusion as to how code works and wasted at least 5 hours.
figured cloakeds system out now and added particle effects to it. 

Some of the runes we are planning to add and working on right now !

Suggestions :

Shape Runes : (Shape Projectile, Shape Trap, etc.)

  1. Projectile (shoots a projectile (visual depends on element) towards cursor position, unless a target rune is connected
  2. Trap (places a trap mark at the players position. Needs some time until its armed (may scale with spell size ?)
  3. Beam (shoots a beam towards cursor position , unless a target rune is connected, which deals elemental damage whenever an enemy is inside it.

Conditional runes work the same as projectile runes in this case)

  1. Nova (AoE type shape at player position unless a target rune is connected
  2. Self (cast spell on self, spells that need positions and not entities take the player position)

Conditional Runes (possible name : Contingency Runes) : (Contingency Cast, Contingency    Spell Impact, Contingency Hit, etc.)

  1. On Cast (executes everything after it on spell cast)
  2. On Spell Impact (executes everything after it first hits an entity, NOT including the player)
  3. On Hit (executes everything after it when the player is hit by an enemy)
  4. On Hp low (executes everything after it when the player is low on HP)
  5. On Target Death (executes everything after it when the first targeted entity dies)
  6. On Location (executes everything after it when the player reaches a given location. REQUIRES a location rune, a target rune overrides the player position check and replaces it by the given entity’s position and checks for that

Target Runes : (Target Focus, Target Spell Impact)

  1. Focus (Cursor Position)
  2. Spell Impact (the entity's position that got hit first by the spell)
  3. Random Living (position of a random living entity, excluding player)
  4. Random Dead (see above, except only dead entity locations, PROBABLY NOT NEEDED)
  5. Closest (position of the closest living entity, excluding player)

Terminal Runes : (Terminal Duration, Terminal Time)

  1. Duration (executes everything behind it until the spell duration is over or a connected condition has been met (conditional runes))
  2. Time (executes everything behind it for a set time. Default is x seconds)

Modifier Runes (possible name : Arcane Mutation) : (Arcane Mutation Duration)

  1. Duration (increases spell duration, when connected to a time rune it adds x seconds to the timer)
  2. Speed (increases projectile speed and overall casting speed, when connected to a time rune it subtracts x seconds from the timer)
  3. Magic Missile (makes a projectile based rune path-find towards a given target provided by a target rune)
  4. Amplify (When connected to an elemental rune (of the SAME element) it multiplies the elemental stats by the amount of runes connected)
  5. Pierce (makes the shape pierce, e.g projectile flies through multiple enemies)

Elemental runes

  1. Fire (a,b and c follow the same [damage, stat, combined] pattern on all other elements)
    1. Burn (inflicts fire damage)
    2. Ignite (inflicts the “burn” elemental stat)
    3. Incinerate (burn and ignite combined)
  2. Ice
    1. No name yet
    2. Freeze
    3. No name yet
  3. Dark (unique property of leeching life)
    1. Leech
    2. Curse
    3. No name yet
  4. Lightning
    1. Shock
    2. Paralyze
    3. Smite
  5. Earth
    1. No name yet
    2. No name yet
    3. Still no name here
    4. Shield (applies a shield that reduces all damage taken by x percent)
  6. Arcane
    1.  Summon (summons an Elemental Golem, needs a connected elemental rune)

To give an insight into my side of things : 

We had made a ton of concepts, scrapped concepts, added new stuff, modified old and such. When the jam started i got around to actually making a timeline, fleshing out the important concepts and thinking about some lore (which you‘ll know more about in future updates!) 

Currently i‘m working on art and this morning i just finished tile collisions and movement (although i‘m pretty sure we‘ll change the movement values a billion times during the development)

during the whole project frond end programming will pretty much be my task, while cloaked will do most backend stuff. 

i‘m looking forward to finishing this game and to start working on art. we‘ll keep you updated!

actually we just dont like animals and thats why we have them battle to death. (obviously)

sure checking it out !

as expected from yokcos, good job o/

decent overall, but i overall agree on what tsun said o/

Good Visuals, sadly its a mechanic a lot of people used so a little - there. overall a really good entry.

no thats on purpose, to force you into using the more beneficial, but harder to master downwards dash :P

yep, the score not resetting was one of those bugs that showed up last minute :/ couldnt fix it in time, just press space and you're good


welp, we get around 30k each try :P

yep, would definitely tweak controls, pushing one more update including sounds and better controls soon o/

yes, if given maybe 30 minutes more, we would have changed controls, but sadly we didnt have those 30 minutes :P

yeah, we didnt have time to create an audio menu ... it was super quiet on my system btw :P

The melee works, it attacks into the direction you're facing/last walking towards o/