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any updates planned ? me and my friend fucking LOVE this game 

or at least planning to release the source ?

Hey yo. Just visited this page in the first time in ages. I did a lot of the art and animation. Would be great to do some updates to the game! What kind of updates do you have in mind? Was thinking it'd make a cool side-scroller even.


Well, the most complicated yet best addition would probably be either lan or lobby based matchmaking (player hosts, not a server) 

Other than that probably some neat cosmetics, like frog color schemes, bat colors/skins 

New maps and a soundtrack would also be dope.

If you plan on releasing the source at all or giving me the option to work on my suggestions I'd love to do that :)


maybe you can make a story mode. Meaning you fight one guy and advance until you get to the hardest level. Like Smash Bros 64.

Items you can pick up. For Example, invincibility, hammer (SMASH BROS) and high jumping