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Build your RPG game today! Suitable for pre-industrial fantasy worlds such as medieval/renaissance history or Tolkienian-style worlds. Buildings using brick, stone, stucco, and wooden beams, both prefab and with modules to make your own.

.blend file included (tested in Blender 3.2).

… Sean Connery did not foil Goldfinger’s plans.
Auric Goldfinger detonated a neutron bomb at Fort Knox, turning all the gold radioactive. The gold is now deadly to people and of no value for several half lives. You have been trapped with the deadly gold, and must escape, fast!

Escape From Fort Knox in ten days.

Play five mission types in one game. Each level introduces either a new mission or a higher difficulty level for a previous mission. Three lives, but get new lives by scoring enough points. Beat your previous high score!

Download here

Play multiple classic arcade missions….in space!

Use gamepad left stick to move, right stick to turn (some levels), and right trigger to fire. “A” button to start game. Tested on Windows with Xbox 360 controller.

Or use keyboard, WASD to move, (some levels have no vertical W or S movement) left/right arrows to turn (some levels), space bar to fire. Click the Start Game button to start game, or “Enter”.

I was having that problem. I was able to work around as follows:

In Unity (version 2020.1.3) I went to Project Settings -> Player and under Settings for WebGL, the Publishing Settings, and set Compression Format to Disabled.

It appears what is happening is a javascript file something.js is being compressed to something.js.gz, which is normally fine, but when it is uncompressed, the uncompressed version is still something.js.gz, and is thus not recognized as a javascript file by the web server. Seems a bug in the latest Unity version. Disabling compression gets around this for now.

I figured out the problem in Firefox by selecting Tools -> Web Console and looking at the error messages, and it told me which file it didn’t like, and I examined it with 7-zip.

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My only notes were a first-day brainstorm of ideas for games in a MS word file.  I picked one and went with it (note--it's not clear how some would be made into games, just starting points, others are ideas for in-game mechanics, power-ups, etc.) 

I ultimately went with a combo of Time Heals All Wounds, and each level in a different "time zone" (so, time travel).  Submission is here:

  • Time Travel
  • “Patch” a badly played game by going back in time
  • Time limits
  • Lost in time
  • Time portal
  • Timey wimey ball of string
  • Touched by an angel
  • Game played out of order
  • Additional time can be bought/achieved
  • Bullet Time
  • Change rate of time passage
  • Time skips (like the Futurama episode)
  • Time out (?)
  • Inside a giant atomic clock (or mechanical clock)
  • Groundhog Day movie
  • Time is Money
  • Trade off time with something else
  • Quantum Time (?) Chronons
  • Rotated space-time
  • Time going backward
  • Time Tracking (?)
  • “Chameleon Arch”
  • Stonehenge
  • Arrow of time/entropy
  • Biorhythms
  • Rhythm
  • Precise timing
  • Anachronisms
  • Y2K issues and similar
  • Killing time
  • Time flies like an arrow
  • Third time’s a charm
  • Beat the clock
  • In the nick of time
  • Around the clock
  • Simultaneous events
  • A matter of time
  • A stitch in time
  • Borrowed time
  • Sands of Time
  • Two-time (cheating/betraying)
  • Time heals all wounds
  • Days are numbered
  • 15 minutes of fame
  • Blink of an eye
  • Seize the day
  • Frozen in time
  • Face time
  • Doing time
  • Right Place at the Right Time
  • Local time rates
  • Prime Time (?)
  • Right place at the wrong time
  • This time it’s personal
  • As time goes by
  • Crunch Time
  • Eternity
  • Stuck in a Dr. Who confession dial
  • Repeat a level, making changes, being sent back to start by a zombie following you, to try again (but changes in level remain), till you can finally get through
  • Adventures in time
  • Stable time loop
  • Party Time
  • It’s Miller Time
  • There’s no time like the present
  • Keeping Time
  • Making Time
  • Running out of time
  • Having time
  • Keeping time with the music
  • Around the clock
  • Clean someone’s clock
  • Timegun (from The Private Eyes movie: fires once an hour on the hour...ok, not very fun)
  • Future Shock/Time Shock

Released today:

Your very own simulated petri dish! Based on a pencil-and-paper game by the mathematician John H. Conway.

Play in browser for free.

I used the right-click Inspect Element feature of my browser.  The first one is "Unity".

You also have to go to the game jam page and click "submit your project" and follow additional instructions.

If unsure it went through: at the top right, your user name has a downward-pointing arrow next to it.  Click that, then select  (under Explore) Game James.  At the top of the page that loads, find the button that  is labeled "Jam Dashboard" near the top right and click that.  You can then see all your submissions to all game jams and determine if it was submitted ok or not. 

Time heals all wounds! Fly through time, evade when hurt to heal

A 2D arcade-style top-down space shooter

(Not yet available, work in progress)

Fly from time zone to time zone to wipe out an alien attack in The Great Time War. If hit, try to avoid further damage until the ship self-repairs--time heals all wounds!

Made in Unity Engine 2019.3.13f1 personal

Movement: WASD for movement and arrow keys for turning. Space bar to fire.

The wave is a mesh.  I start it out with Z scale 0, lerp it up to 1, then back to 0.

Press or hold Space bar (or Joystick Button 3) to add lift to drone.  Let go to let gravity have its way.  Pilot the drone through the obstacles.  How many points can you get? 

Speed increases slowly, doubling about once every 50 points.

High score saved.  Can be reset.  Try to beat your previous best!

For PC/Windows 64 bit.

Source code available at:

Made with Unity 2019.