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In case if anyone's having issues with the sound, there's a file called "setintr" that you have to run first. I had to set it to 7 by typing "setintr 7" before running the game and it worked.

Agreed. The source code for Dr Lunatic is available, so it could happen technically.

I'm also getting a black screen

You can set your city to start at a higher level if you want. I think this also affects the AI towns as well, but I find it's really good for a faster start.

Will saving the json files do anything useful

I agree. I tend to favor straight lines and dots over curves for the style I want.

Damn. Is there a video at least?

I'm having the same issue.

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It might be one of the Bonster worlds? I think it would be in that mega bundle of addon worlds

From what I remember, Dr. Lunatic and Kid Mystic borrowed many assets, which you can see in some of the screenshots to the right. I'm not sure about some of the others, though.

I want more of this.

This is like a cross between Wario Ware and Adult Swim's "Off the Air"

That was a neat little game.

I haven't played it for myself, but maybe if you hear every dialogue option in a single playthrough?

Oh wow! This is a surprise! I highly recommend this game, it's really fun.

Also, the sound effects work for me last time I checked. Maybe it depends on your OS.

I really hope these things are integrated into an actual game someday.

I agree. There are some pretty neat worlds that were never published floating around there.

No, because you need the graphics in order to remaster a game.

In case you're wondering why you should get this, this world isn't found in Supreme or the original Dr. L, iirc.

I love all the content that was recycled from this game into other games.

I wonder if a virtual museum will become as popular as places like the Getty one day?

I was wondering about the whereabouts of the patches Spacemaniac made? They had changes such as new specials that can change projectile types, the ability to summon dummy monsters, and more that I can't think of. If I remember right, there were a few cool addons that were made with that patch's abilities. If you know where it is, could it be added to the downloads section?

That would be neat, but you have to remember: the bulk of this game was made by one person. That would be a massive undertaking.

There weren't very many addons anyway, but there are plenty of levels in the original game at least.

Wow. Props for including all the addons.

This has an page now?

I really love the way this game messes around on your computer without being harmful. I really wish more people were brave enough to do that sort of thing.

That's the thing... when you post something here (or on any similar site, for that matter) it HAS to be yours. It'd be one thing if you were using the Mugen engine and most of the content added was created by you, but that is not the case.

There are plenty of Mugen based communities that accept these kinds of things. Who knows, maybe some of the characters here are rare and highly sought after?

So how many of these characters did you actually MAKE?

Why on earth would you gate a basic monster that serves to balance the game behind a paywall?

Any particular reason you're removing things like the Bull and the Blob?

I'm not sure if this is intentional, but the ranger seems to have many turns sometimes before the next party member's turn. I think it has to do with the extra arrows he gets?


Are we ever meant to have multiple party members like in the preview gif?

I think it'd be interesting if Archeos laughs at you if you die during his level.

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Same here.

I also found a bug where you can use the grapple on Archeos, which also freezes the game.

And is it intended for you to lose characters you've unlocked after you die with them?

Only for Linux?