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I want more of this.


well FYI I'm definitely considering a "Discover Our Bodies" kickstarter right about now :o 


If you could come up with enough variety to support a longer playtime, and perhaps some kind of story with a few branching paths, then I think it would be worth it.

With an adjustment to the setting, it could be a medical student who in need of extra cash signs up this as a one-shot assistant job that seems super shady, and then realises how deep they are into matters. They then get an offer of a follow-up job, and it could spiderweb out into other things, like deciding if you want out, or want to go deeper. If going deeper, is the player incredibly desperate, incredibly curious, or did the player accidentally get infected with something during the opening tasks and is doing research so they can prevent their own gradual body-horror? Or does the player want to go against this stuff entirely, and are being stalked by a cryptid cult, and having attempts on their life that manifest as unconvenional and freaky events you interact with in a similar gameplay/UI as this demo?

Then again, I doubt you're lacking ideas. My spam comes from a place of mild hype and appreciation for the unconventional horror ;)