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Winning personalities, good writing that really creeps up on you and makes you fall in love with the characters.

I adored this. It's so refreshing to have a horror title actually focus on the horror and not just resort to cheap screamer-scares or gorn. Ended up being a lot more unsettling than it had any right to be, haha. Great job.

A little bug report : If you stand in near the bathroom mirror and click at the fridge, it's possible to get 'hooked' on the corner of the bathroom briefly. If you turn and click the bathroom mirror during the drag, you get permanently stuck between the two.

Can't wait to see what other gems you'll come up with <3

Darkzero, that is simply speculative. Please be careful of speaking about things in present as if they are facts.

Great game. Came back to donate a tiny something and to wish your elderly pup well, and you all the success you deserve with the impending sequel <3