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This is a very nice idea! But way too hard imo. To make it easier, putting some planets around the main path to catch you in case you go off-course (so it's not instant game over at the first mistake) would be nice, and maybe add visual effects to assist your aim, like some sort of quadrant around the planets to show the range of angles you can launch at.

The constant speed buildup without any way of slowing down is also a problem because it makes it basically impossible to aim properly after a while, and then you're screwed. To solve this problem, why not borrow some ideas from real physics? Angular speed is inversely proportional to the radius of the revolution. ;) But just making the planets bigger and bigger as you go doesn't seem very practical so maybe you could add a way to actually slow down. Maybe collisions with asteroids in asteroid belts or something.

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It seems the screen is cut off at the bottom for me on the browser version (on both Chromium and Firefox). I can't see the cards, same in full screen.

Yeah we didn't have time to implement a button mapping option so right now it's only French keyboard style. Thank you for playing!

This is a pretty good idea!

Amazing game! The time limit makes it very unforgiving so I couldn't finish it but I'll definitely try again when I have some time. The art is super clean and the level design is really good.

Nice idea and nice art, although the enemy didn't do anything in my run.

This could be pretty fun with a little more polishing: for example give different colors to the enemies and make them a little easier to push off.

Amazing execution on a really original idea! Very impressive presentation.

Pretty nice game, although I feel it doesn't fit the theme super well.

Fun idea but it's frustrating getting run over by cars you have no idea are coming. Giving players some time to react would be better.

Super fun, some nice puzzle ideas, and the abrupt music changes crack me up. Please make more!

Fun game, really nice music!