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Thanks for the feedback guys! Glad to hear y'all are enjoying it! I went ahead and fixed the Install Instructions, so thanks for that Norbez!

Clever ideas and inspiration here! Also love those animations; punching, kissing, and playing the harp were always inherently fun given the well-done but simple animation and design work that went into them. I will say that the UI, while clever, did look a little jarring when compared to the color pallete and nice artwork for the characters/backgrounds. Overall had fun with it though; and I now know more about this philosopher thanks to this game for making me curious about her!

Very charming hand-painted artwork. Always appreciate seeing traditional media in games. Short simple and to the point! I'm not super familiar with the work on which it is based, but it was an enjoyable little experience all on its own. I would agree that it could have benefited from maybe some ambient sounds or the fluttering sounds of a humming bird, but I'm not sure if that's just a limitation of Twine or not since I haven't made much in the engine. Still, very nice work; I'll definitely be checking out some of your other Twine stuff as well when I get the chance!

Wonderfully creative use of the source material. Seeing the tiger stripes on the saws for the first time put a big, nerdy smile on my face. The tree climbing/jumping mechanics as well were pretty spectacular, albeit hard to get used to. Reminds me of the core webslinging mechanics for the spider man games, in that getting around the world is inherently fun. This game was begging for a rotatable camera though, as I would frequently find myself doing leaps of faith and usually dying as a result of it. Still, wonderfully creative take on the story and that's one hell of a fun central mechanic!