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So amazing, thanks for share.

Survive and escape deadly traps, enemies that will burn, pulverize and make you bleed before reaching salvation.

Race against time and use your wits and skills to survive, find the whereabouts of your brother and seal the gates forever.

Very nice work.


Really great, 

Thanks for share.

Amazing Job, 

Thanks for share it.

Cool, Thanks

Really cool, Thanks for share.

Wow, so amazing, 

Thanks for sharing.

Really great asset, used it as the main character for my game.

Dark & FI Playstore 

Dark and FI Youtube

Thank you for share.

Amazing art, use this and other of your assets for the app and the intro video.

Dark & FI youtube

Dark & FI android app

Thanks for sharing.


I will look to implement the changes about difficulty mentioned.  For the entry I was somehow inspired by Ninja Gaiden : ).

Thank for your feedback.

Really nice, the  style you gave to the game is great it remember me old arcade styles, music is fun and sticky, wish could have more bullets : ), or a booster for some seconds,  A bit hard but head shoot is a good add to get rid of the enemies.

Hi, I am glad you give it a try, 

Maybe  I could  do something for the bubble, at least bubble will destroy one proyectile or orb, but it will destroy  the bubble itself, 

this is because some stages require the use of floating along fire or ice, and some quick changes. I'll think about it or see what else can I do. 

thank you so much for your feedback much appreciate.

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Thank you for playing it. I am glad you give it a try.

Hi, whats the Licence type for this asset?

Really love the concept, and the sound when character are talking.

At first I was a bit lost how to control the player, but then I got it, had some tries before kill the mushroom but finally did it.

Hope you continue with the game and add some sound effects on battle mode. 

Glad to hear your inputs, they are really important.

I will think about what to upgrade, increase attack area or cooldown... maybe both.


Hi, this is my alpha build

Great work,

Thanks for sharing

Great game, really enjoying it

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Hi, really Amazing work. Used Bowser Retunrs for my video game story.

tx for sharing.

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Hi, really liked your work, used several of your assets in my app and intro video.  Playstore: Oblidat Souls


Love character moves and look, good for slash, 

You can see in action (video below), 

Will be incorporated in the game later.

Youtube: Oblidat Soul

Playstore: Oblidat Souls

Thank you for sharing.

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Hi, love this reaper, the evil look, a hard character to get through . In the app you will see it until level 41.

But you can see it in action in the video below.

Youtube: Oblidat Souls

Thank you for sharing.

Great asset you post, loved the style.

I used the mainchar for my game.

Thank you for sharing.

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Great asset and the game looks really cool. 

Thx for sharing.

Nice game

Wow, amazing sprites, thanks for share.

Cool sprites, 

Thanks for sharing.

Really cool sprites

Really nice work, 

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, nice work.  

Hi, are these license CC0?



I am about to publish my first complete game, but have an small issue. 

On the draft page and also already published game, when I press the down arrow key so the character can  dodge some  objects, the scroll bar goes down so the game in matter of seconds is hidden and I cant see whant am I playing, I tried with other games already published here and they work perferct.

I just dont want to go with the automatic full screen but if i cant solve this i will, 

I have embed page  to 1000 x 600

any help will be appreciate.

Add a screen shot for a better idea