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Amazing! Good to know 🎉

Thanks for the kind words 🙇 Something worth trying would be to force the Nvdia GPU when running LDtk:

  • Right click on desktop,
  • Pick Nvidia control panel,
  • Select “Manage 3D settings”,
  • go to the “Program settings” tab,
  • Pick LDtk in the program list,
  • Force the High perf nvidia card,
  • Cross fingers.


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Strange, I have the exact same GPU 🤔 I will put a 1.4.2 preview build somewhere, so you can try it and see that fixes the issue. Here it is:

I see nothing wrong in the log 🤔 Specifically, nothing really special happens at the point it stops. Do you have anything worth mentioning on your setup? Like a dual GPU as in laptops (eg. Intel + Nvidia), or an app that could interfere with LDtk (antivirus, security app) etc.

You may want to check the content of the LDtk log file to see if anything weird happens there:

  • hit WIN-R,
  • enter %appdata%\LDtk
  • open the logs folder
  • open the ldtk.log file

Hi! Sorry about that, LDtk should work just fine with Win10. Are your graphic card drivers up-to-date? Maybe try fully uninstalling LDtk then re-installing?

Agree, best comment ever

Thank you!

You can use either the Super Simple Export option from the Project settings panel (P shortcut), or enable PNG exports.

Oh right :) You can still have access to my dev console, but all sensitive commands are blocked/unavailable in public builds. Thanks for spotting this ;)

Thanks for the feedback! The best way to submit suggestions is using GitHub issues here:

About these points:

  1. this should be fixed at one point, when I’ll complete this issue (because it’s somehow related internally):

  2. this could totally be done, feel free to submit an issue about this one :)

  3. current custom commands were quickly (and poorly) implemented: it should be reworked for next update, including adding variable arguments.

  4. For now, there’s no plan about moving these settings to another file, as this could break all existing importers easily. Unless the change is really needed, I tend to be very careful about implemented JSON parsing breakers. In this case, I don’t think the benefit would be relevant (we’re talking about removing a few kilobytes at most)

Well done!

Wait what? How? 😅

😮 🙀🐱😸😺😼😽😾😿🙀🙀😸

I’m pretty sure many people just don’t care about SCP licensing when releasing a commercial title related to it. But it’s quite explicit about derivative work:

I just suppose that the SCP community just have no way to actually enforce their license, so commercial titles do happen. A good example is Control, which is strongly SCP related, but not officially related, because of this license (the devs did mention that in an interview)

Fun fact: the game initially was planned as being part of the SCP universe, but I decided not to in the end because of SCP licensing limitations 🤷‍♂️

What I loved about this game was the simplicity of its topic which was really in line with the various possible endings.

It’s a simple, realistic question that you could find yourself asking one day. And the possible endings leave no room for fantasy and strangeness. It’s brutal, simple, and straightforward.

Loved it <3

The visuals were crazy good and the game was totally fun to play! It would cool to have a little extra depth in the combat mechanic, like some basic stance that affects dealt/received damage, or a charged attack mechanic?

Very good game!

This was truly an amazing experience! The game reminded me a lot of Mortville Manor, which is among my favorite titles <3

The puzzles were logical and intuitive, which felt right. However, it sometimes felt a little bit too linear, but that’s mostly due to the lack of puzzles that overlap with other ones.

I would buy day one a longer version of this game!

It should, but depends on the context: in a level, yes, in a panel, no. 🤔

Hi, The code is available here:

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Oh right :( I’ll fix on this version, but it’s too late for the 48h build! Thanks for reporting it.

Hi! There is one on my website:

However, please note that I’m currently working on a more advanced version of the game, so might want to wait before downloading it.

It’s quite normal, given how useful your pack was! Thanks for your great work :)

I used your textures for a game prototype, available here:

Thanks a LOT for sharing these high quality images <3

These were just placeholders :)

Ah ah! ^^ These were forgotten placeholders that were recently replaced by floating light balls that don’t have any sort of effect on you. I’m pretty sure you will love the addition :D

Thanks, I fixed that :)

That’s a placeholder :) But you’re definitely right and I’ll need to think about that when painting the actual props.

FamiStudio community · Created a new topic Scales?


First of all, thanks for this amazing app <3

I’m quite amateur when it comes to music creation, and something that helps A LOT people like me is usage of scales.

I noticed this was in the backlog, so I guess this will happen sometimes in FamiStudio, but do you think it would be possible to have some “light” version of this in next update? Basically, a dropdown to pick the desired scale, and grey out “out of scale” notes on the virtual keyboard.

This would be a terrific addition :)

Note that I’m asking for this feature for the upcoming Ludum Dare, as I’m always looking for a good tool to create music, with both scales support and a good arpeggiator (I’m trying to make chiptunes that sounds like Atari ST).


It’s not open source yet, but I’d like to, when the code base will be cleaner.

Thank you! Yes, you can only walk around.

It’s a proof of concept for a larger game I’d like to develop :) Nothing truly official yet!

Hi! I really liked your game :) Any plan to expand it further? Perhaps a Steam release?

Thank you <3

I just noticed you were planning a Steam release for this game!

This made my day: I’m sooooo happy to see a jam title making its way to a full enhanced release on Steam <3

Good luck!!

Very nice re-invention of the Doom gameplay :) Maybe the grenades could be limited in a different way, like a cooldown: it’s a bit frustrating as it is 🤔

I would definitely read such book 😺👍

Hi, There’s no Chromebook version yet. I don’t know it well: is it a Linux based platform?