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Oh sorry! It’s mostly from scratch every time (as Ludum Dare 48h rules are quite strict).

I do use lots of particles, procedural code and visual filters to create variety from a limited number of pixelart assets.

Thank you :) The firefighting game, Nuclear Blaze, received an extended version (itchIO and steam)!

Hi! Sorry, the 48h jam version has no sound. Only the new Steam version ( has a full soundtrack.

Hi! Sure it’s in the works and should be available on shortly 👍

Does pressing arrow keys does anything in this version?

The current webgl version should work just fine on Linux platforms :)

Yes, the thin walls feature wasn’t there at the beginning of RPG Map, so the whole tool wasn’t properly designed to support that efficiently. If it was to be done correctly, “edge-walls” should really be part of the feature design on day one. Probably something I’ll do on RPG Map 3, but that’s unfortunately not feasible on a short-term range, as I’m already snowed under lots of projects ^^

You really nailed the feeling of exploring an old deserted online game.


The ending also was amazing, and you made a very good design choice by leaving the player alone in front of an empty lobby screen, without any extra comment or dialog line. It leaves the player with LOTS of feel and questions, which is great when done right.

Well done :)

I’m in the process of signing the app (but it’s a long & expensive process). In the meanwhile, just click on the “More Info” in the Smart screen window, you’ll be able to bypass it.

Hmm strange. On what Operating System? Is it possible for you to try to the downloadable version?

The code is written in Haxe, the engine is Heaps and the level editor is the one I made, LDtk ( Everything is open source, including the game code :)

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Your game & name are definitely in the credits ;) By the way, I used Nerdspartan for the name, is it ok for you?

Hi, are you playing on Safari? For some reason, my game has issues on this browser :/

Your game totally inspired me making Nuclear Blaze, and hooked me into the SCP universe :) So yes, you did a great job capturing the feeling of survival horrors.

Sorry about that, could you please explain precisely what happens, so I can fix it?

Right now, for faster distribution reasons, I only maintain an hybrid 32/64 bits version to maximize support for everyone. It shouldn’t affect anyone, except for some extra 30mb to download, which is… well, not that much imho.

About a portable build, yes, I’d like to have one at some point, but I need to upgrade my auto-updater to support that :)

You can play right here on (click the large image) or on my website.

You can actually press SHIFT-R to restart :) I made the shortcut “complex” on purpose to avoid my young kid to restart the game at will ;)

Hi! The game was made using Haxe language and Heaps 2D/3D engine :)

Hi! It’s on the way ;)

Thank you! The “fire doors” require you to clear the fire in the current level to continue :)

Hi! The tileset was created for the game. You can download it here: (the file is world.aseprite)

You won, that’s the end :) You can restart using SHIFT-R.

Hi, no LDtk only supports square layout grids.

Hi! Right now, the project is on hold as I’d like to take a slightly different approach for RPG Map 3. But as of today, I’m already full time on my other projects ( & and can’t make progress toward it.

Sorry about that, I’ll try to fix it in 0.9.4 update. Issue is here:

Thanks, I’ll try to fix that for 0.9.4 :) There is an open issue here if you want to get notified of any progress done:

This is a bug with Safari, as far as I know :)

Sorry! What exactly happened to both of you?

That is a SUPER smart game concept <3 I’m totally fan of your mechanic and it’s funny how it feels like it’s a super fast game, while it’s not really. I would love to see a mobile friendly version (basically, just with 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen).

Very good job!

You’re both absolutely right: I’m working on an extended version, and you’ll be given options to disable swearing :)

Hi! I used Haxe language with my HeapsIO engine, both are open source.

Apart from the rendering engine (HeapsIO), everything else is homebrew, including the physics :)

The source code is available here:

And my physics engine is explained here:

Hi! I used Haxe language and HeapsIO engine. It’s all using my open-source code base “GameBase”.

The combat system is very original and interesting. Maybe adding some “announcement” would make it better: when attacking, spamming is still the best approach unfortunately.

Good game :)

The beginning of the game is a little bit harsh, but I got hooked and had to complete it.

Only 2 issues were with the small shovel toy, which wasn’t super obvious at all to locate, and the level design tended to become hard to read by the end, when every feathers were unlocked (too many possibilities without ways to read surroundings).

Still, I really enjoyed the game :)

Another amazing game. I’m getting a little bit jealous :) This strongly reminded me of Rick Dangerous (the infamous Egypt stage), but I guess it’s also one of your references, seeing you made Daisy Dangerous :)

Controls are good as always, level design is interesting. Good job!

Very good game with a solid mood :) Being a big fan of Final Station, I definitely enjoyed your game. Your combat system and use of light in it is much better than FS. Too bad that this light element isn’t used more (the cave part isn’t as interesting as the abandoned house).

Good job :)

A truly amazing piece of art. Excellent controls, good level design, very good combat system. I love it :)

I found your game while I was looking for very low-res but high quality games and yours is really one of the best I played so far!

I’d definitely pay for more!

You’re on my watchlist :) Can’t wait to see more!