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You can check this thread, where all community creations are listed :)

There’s no system for that for now, but that could be really useful 👍 Only problem is how I store these rules in the Json: my current method don’t allow multiple values per pattern cell. I’ll have to figure out first how to do that in a clean fashion 🤔

That really looks great 😮 Well done!

A typical use-case of “pure” auto-layers:

  • all your collisions are stored in a “Collision” IntGrid layer,
  • you use some rules to paint all the basic stuff in this layer
  • you create a “background” layer which is a “pure” auto-layer. It uses the Collisions layer values as source, and maybe another tileset for rendering.
  • you add some specific rules in this layer to paint your background. In the layer stack, it’s also really behind, which is better for your game integration :)

Hi and welcome :)

Random variations:

There’s a much more simple way to do them:

Walls & ladders

Here is an example of how to do it:

Note: you should keep empty spaces empty, or use the “Anything” special value which means “There should be any value in specified cell” or “There should be no value at all here”.

Thank you! That’s really cool 😍

Are there any specific circumstances where lagging occur?

Hi! Sorry about that: is this something that happened before 0.5.2 update? 🤔

Really love your game, really moving experience :) And as a young dad, this game really talked to me.

I did have some visual glitches on my SurfacePro laptop, but except that, very good.

Hi! I have a few issues to fix to support that, but I’ll definitely give it a try in next update 🤔

See GitHub issue:

Wow, that’s a great game! The art is really stunning for a NES title and you did a perfect job with the animations.

Well done!

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Official LDtk links:

Release notes



Github bug tracker

Haxe API

Noooice :)

Hmm. Do you have 2 graphic cards on this laptop (eg. the internal Intel one + another one)?

Hi! It looks like a driver issue 🤔 Could you please try the following:

  • update your graphic card driver,
  • make sure that, if your computer has 2 graphical cards (eg. laptops), that RPG Map uses the best one and not the basic onboard card (you should be able to change that from the card settings)
  • try the OpenGL version of RPG Map if nothing else work.

If pressing DOWN key doesn't work, you should try to clear your browser cache and reload the page, as this bug was fixed the day before :)

No, that's normal :)

SPOILER: you have to get the gems before they fall in the pit ;)

It's fixed :) Sorry!

Sorry, I fixed the bug (accordingly to LD rules)

Very nice concept and fun game :) Not sure about the usefulness of lives, but except that, I really enjoyed it!

Could you please try on the OpenGL version of RPG Map to see if the error also happens there?

Thanks! They look great :)

Yes unfortunately, I didn't have time to add proper sounds or music :( Thanks for your kind comment :)

Sure, feel free to use your creations any way you want :) 

Only requirement is some credit somewhere.

Hi everyone!

First of all, let me thank everyone of you for your amazing support with RPG Map :)

I posted a short roadmap to talk about the future of RPG Map. Don't worry, it'll be nice! You can read it here:

Feel free to discuss about it below.

TLDR: release on Steam & rework completely to support all desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux), no release date yet.

It's a very good looking map :) Well done!


It's a long-time requested feature :) I plan to add that at some point, but it will require some internal changes to make it work properly.

Thanks a lot for your offer :)

That's an interesting idea, I'll definitely allow the optional export of the legend content in a separate file, instead of displaying it on screen.

Yes, that's definitely something I plan to implement as soon as possible.


Sure, I'll add this option in the next update :)

Glad you finally found your way to these settings :)


The web version partially works on mobile/tablet devices, but there are some big issues, like the virtual keyboard not showing up :/ I'd definitely like to have better support for these platforms, but my priorities for now are on new features & critical fixes. So I can give you any release date for a tablet update for now, sorry!

That's looking great! I was actually planning to add an app icon in Update 17, and it was already done 😅 Thanks a lot anyway!

That's really cool, thank you 😊 ♥

I used some of these for my Cthulhu campaign, and they did work really great :)

This looks really great :)

My bad! Yes characters/NPCs will be completely redone for the next major update 17. They almost haven't changed since the early versions 😊

This will include text colors among many other things.

You should be able to change the font color by editing your text:

  1.  select the Text tool
  2. click on a text on your map, or add a new  one
  3. change the color here:

I added a pinned topic to list any existing content that can be downloaded for free: