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I really enjoyed this title, the concept is very interesting and adds a real value to this category of game. The simple addition of the wave, noise & cam-shake add tons of tension.

Super well done :)

Very simple, yet fun concept :) Played until floor 102!

I see interesting potential here, but the generator requires to build levels with X floors in advance, to make sure you don't have "dead-ends" or forced deaths, and also to make sure that sometime, it's a good option to avoid some gold or to leave quickly a level. Random chests could also work well to ensure the player cannot always "read" the solution by just looking at the current level (ie. "should I take a risk by reaching this chest, but the reward isn't guaranteed").

Thanks a lot for all these great feedback :) I'm happy you liked it!

Strange :/ Are you using the Windows version or the web one?

Hi! Yes, I'm looking for ways to do that properly :)

Thanks for sharing these ideas :) 

About the floors on walls, you mean that when painting grounds, walls should be removed automatically, right?

For the stairs textures, any reference image would be really welcome, so I can see what you're looking for exactly :)

Thank you :) Glad you appreciate it!

Water textures are planned :) I first need to work on "pits", as it's quite related. Thank you for your support <3

Hi! This should be fixed in 0.4.2 available right now :)

Could you please try again? It should be fixed in latest update :)

Sorry about that, it should be fixed in latest update :o

I will try to add that in an upcoming update :)

Hi everyone :)

This is my participation to the latest Ludum Dare. It's some kind of fast turn-based John Wick game :) My goal here was to mix smooth & intense action gameplay with turn-based (traditionally slow) gameplay.

This entry was created in one day, as I didn't have much time, because of new daddy responsibilities (thanks to my beloved wife for letting me do it <3 ). I used the Haxe language & the Heaps framework: the same tools we use in our current bigger project Dead Cells.

I will publish a post-compo version soon, with a few extra features (nothing huge, mostly polish & extra bits of story & gameplay).

Hope it works for you :)

The source code is available on GitHub :

I do agree that the interactive areas are super hard to understand: I lost lots of time figuring out what was a "come back to previous screen" shortcut. 

I really liked the well screen, reminded me a LOT of Maupiti Island ;)

Oh and I did find the final reward :) Nice game!

Tthanks a lot :)