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FamiStudio - NES Music Editor for chiptune artists & homebrewers · By BleuBleu


A topic by Deepnight Games created Sep 19, 2022 Views: 212
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First of all, thanks for this amazing app <3

I’m quite amateur when it comes to music creation, and something that helps A LOT people like me is usage of scales.

I noticed this was in the backlog, so I guess this will happen sometimes in FamiStudio, but do you think it would be possible to have some “light” version of this in next update? Basically, a dropdown to pick the desired scale, and grey out “out of scale” notes on the virtual keyboard.

This would be a terrific addition :)

Note that I’m asking for this feature for the upcoming Ludum Dare, as I’m always looking for a good tool to create music, with both scales support and a good arpeggiator (I’m trying to make chiptunes that sounds like Atari ST).