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Thank You so much JK5000!!! I'll try to improve this game!

Thank You so much for your feedback!! I'll try to get all the feedbacks and make a new version!

I had fun with this game! Very challenging, and need a lot of IQ and reflexes. The music is a little annoying, but i believe it was on purpose because it looks like we are inside a factory. Good job!

I loved the art of this game!!! Amazing job!! By far the best art of the games i played in this jam!!

Great job, and a very nice song!!

Very nice graphics!! I liked the game.

The sounds of this game are very nice and the level design are challenging an fun. The jump system don't respond very well and make the game even harder, but it's a nice game.

I liked your game!! Very simple and challenging, the music and sounds are very nice too!!

I liked the chibi characters a lot, the music is very nice too. The dialogue system needs a fast forward button, because i had to begin the game many times with the same dialogue. I liked this game!!

I liked the 3d ideia, but the camera rotates too much. It's a nice job, i liked the interface, the sound and the game colors You chose.

Nice Game!! Good mechanics and a very nice dialogue system. Missing some audio (music and sfx).

Thank You so much for the feedback Mr.Olos!! I Edited our details session with a tutorial. I'm so sorry that i missed it. 

Really nice controll in this game!! I Had a lot of fun!!!

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Hi, Ikoms!! I Rated Your game... Can You rate mine?

Thank You!! If anyone wants a rate to your game, please rate my game and I will rate yours as soon as I can.

The rest time is already awesome!!! It makes the game more challenging.

Nice game with a great arrow mechanic. I liked the pastel colors so much! A very nice work done. Sometimes I got confused on the mixed white of the character and scenario.

Very nice game. I did't had time to take a breath before that spike raises and kills me. It was very hard and funny. I don't know if it was a mechanic, but my sword broke before killing the second soldier and I had to run for the rest of the level.