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I was considering adding android support, but I would have to redo the controls. Planning on updating this in a bit.

Good ideas! The player and enemies actually do have health, though, and you can pick up paintball guns to be able to shoot. Certain attacks are better for killing chalks, other attacks are better for covering ground. Enemies that can shoot, and enemies that fight each other sound cool though.

Skip to 5:39 for my thoughts on your game!

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Thanks so much for the feedback! Any specific ideas on how to make the user have more of an impact on the result of the game? We considered less weapon drops so the player had to work with what they had, and didn't get to switch as often. We also considered different enemy types like an eraser that clears paint and eroded chalk that shoots you. We've already added local co-op and competitive multiplayer that we'll release after the jam, so hopefully that spices up the gameplay.

Okay great! I used GameMaker too!

This game is actually amazing. I love the concept and it would be awesome to see it finished. But if that update added any content or features, you should probably include the jam version on the game page. Updating after the deadline is against the rules! Cheers.

Thanks so much! Local co-op actually sounds really fun, we might come back to this one day.