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Hey. You can use these in any type of projects. Just don't resell these assets as icons or cursors. Also, if you want to modify some, ask me before doing so may be I'll help you.

Great! Looks very nice. 

Hey, thanks for asking. 

You can use those in your commercial projects. If you want modify these cursors by yourself please ask me before. 

Thanks for buying. 

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I'd love to send you some cursors in exchange of some credits 😊 Unfortunately I'm at war (literally) right now. So reach me after Ukraine ends all this russian bullshit and I'll help you ASAP. 

You can use this icons as is in your commercial work. You are not allowed to remix icons or resell them as icons. No attribution required. 

I see.  I think I'll add one in the future. 

Hey. What kind of cursor is that? Can you show me some references

thank you!

Hey, these meant to be used as game assets. png is most common for this purpose. If you want to use cursors in your OS, feel free to convert them in proper format. 

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Thank you for your report. I think I just fixed this issue

Thank you for your note. I'll add separated versions in the next update.

Thank you!

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Sorry, can't do anything about that, that's how it works on I just checked, seems to work fine. Downloaded gold and copper cursors in zips as they should be. 

Must be you've got some random glitch. Maybe try a different browser.

What do you mean? 

Hey. Thanks for the question. Sure, you can use these assets in your commercial projects. 


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hey. Is it me or logo is very 3d-coat alike?

Круто, блін! :)

Looks cute, makes me want to play it

nice-looking game. I can feel those old-school vibes ^^

Thank you.

>Are you planning on releasing a color version of them as well?
Not sure. Have to think about that. 

Fantasy RPG Flat Icons

175 unique fantasy RPG flat Inventory icons
  • 175 unique icons
  • 128x128 px 
  • 256x256 px 
  • PNG (transparent backgrounds)