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Oh, wow! This is really amazing! Sorry for the super late response (I was busy with releasing my demo), but I wouldn’t mind having you read some lines (if you’re available)! This sounds like work that needs to be paid for and I feel pretty bad about not being able to spend money on talent like this!

Thank you so much for showing interest! I’m just now getting to these comments since I’ve been busy working on getting my demo finished. I’d love to hear some examples of your voice acting; my Discord is Saint Lazarus#2002 - you can send some recordings there if you’re able to! :)

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Sorry for just now getting a response sent out - I’ve been busy fleshing out my demo and am just now looking through these comments. I sent you a friend request on Discord and would love to hear some examples of your voice acting (the creatures will have voice lines)! :)

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Introduction: Hello, potential partner(s) in crime! My name is Saint Lazarus/Laz and I am working on a horror-based RPG game, Uncanny Valley. It is my very first project, but I have very high hopes for the end product. I would love to have some help with this game - in order to make it even more amazing; I also lack in a lot of the fields that I need in order to accomplish my vision for this project. If you are lacking in experience and want to practice your skillset, I do not mind lending a hand in order for you to practice; if you are experienced, awesome! All I need are examples of what you can do, why you want to help, and so on and so forth. I will say that I am a broke 19 y/o college student and so I do not have the means to pay people, but I will do my best to create a good environment for anyone willing to join in on my work - thank you!

What is Needed: Now, what I am needing is just a handful of people; animator(s) and voice actors.

For the animator(s) interested, I already have concepts drawn out. I myself am a digital artist; however, I lack in the field of animation and what is needed (patience and software) to accomplish that sort of thing. I will be creating a google doc that speaks on what will be needed for animation, but it isn’t anything extremely crazy - possibly something as simple as a single character (even a still image) moving across the screen as an introduction. More will be explained once people are found, though.

For voice actors, here is a list of characters and their descriptions (people may try for multiple characters - don’t be afraid to ask to voice more than one person, if interested):

Protagonist - Akako Ena [NN: Aka] | 17 y/o, petite, and short | Tone is mostly calm, but with a cynical twist of humor to it, but she is soft-spoken.

Core Character - Kaori Nen [NN: Kai] | 18 y/o, tall and lanky, semi-intimidating | Tone is filled with comedic undertones, semi-deep, and mostly upbeat.

Core Character - Hayami Hoshi [NN: Hoshi] | 18 y/o, tall and slim, intimidating, snarky, and rude (imagine someone from the movie, Mean Girls) | Tone holds venom in it, but there are underlying undertones of kindness within them, she cares, but has trouble showing it.

Core Character - Akihiro Daisuke [NN: N/A] | 25 y/o, tall, semi-built, and lean | Tone is monotonous, distant, and semi-cold.

Side Character - Akira Daisuke [NN: N/A] | 23 y/o, mid-height, and skinny (almost malnourished) | Tone is quiet, distant, and she mostly sounds like she is in a permanent daze.

Side Character - Etsu Genki [NN: Etski] | 18 y/o, mid-height, and mid-weight | Tone is bubbly, upbeat, and so she tends to be seen as a likable and charismatic person.

Side Character - Draven [NN: N/A] | Age unknown, tall, older, and rough around the edges | Tone is gravelly, rough, and akin to that of Arthur Morgan - without the Southern accent.

Core Character - The Shadow [NN: Shadow] | Age unknown, mid-height, and lacks most physical features | Tone is monotonous, lacking emotion, neutral, and almost unnerving, but not “evil”.

Side Character - Akako’s Dad [NN: N/A] | Age is N/A for now, semi-tall, mid-weight, and older | Tone is soft, calm, but misleading.

Side Character - Akako’s Mom [NN: N/A] | Age is N/A for now, mid-height, petite, and older | Tone is fake, quiet, but somehow sounds mostly calm.

Contact Information Instagram: DearLazarus Discord: Saint Lazarus #2002

Link to Uncanny Valley Uncanny Valley - Demo

Promotional Example Art for Animators and VAs Interested TW: Gore and disturbing imagery.

Uncanny Valley Akako Ena Brian Pavlov Akira Daisuke Forgotten Soul Tormented Soul Kenzo

Thank you! I’ll eventually fix all of the typos I made, but I may miss some from time to time (I usually work on the game late at night [7 PM-2 AM usually], so my brain gets a little fuzzy). I love the feedback, though; it keeps pushing me to do better and work hard towards finishing this game!

Link to the demo ver. of the game via

Information about Uncanny Valley: Uncanny Valley is a horror-based RPG and is soon-to-be more story-rich than it currently is, as well as decorated with my own artwork, rather than RPG Maker MV’s base-kit-generated characters. The demo follows our main character through a tangent of events that can only really be interpreted through the viewers’ own process. I don’t want to explain things - and the demo does a great job of leaving people with questions.

Extra Information: Hello, I’m Saint Lazarus, a 19-year-old college student, and this is the first demo ver. of a game that I have ever released - it’s actually the first game that I have ever worked on. With that being said, the following issues can be found.

What to expect for this demo:

  • Bugs

  • Typos

  • Mistakes

  • Unfinished Story

  • Lack of Interactive Objects

Although it is still being worked on, I have a lot of hope that I can make my true vision for this game come true. Aside from being a newly-experienced game developer, I am also somewhat dappling in music composition, and I am an experienced digital artist.

Art Ex. 1 Art Ex. 2 Art Ex. 3 Link to my Art Instagram, for more examples.

With my experience in some things and my vivid love for story-telling (especially within the horror genre), I am highly enthusiastic about the future of Uncanny Valley. I hope that whoever sees this takes the time to check out the demo and give me constructive criticism - because I know that I will definitely need it in order to make the game more enjoyable to the audience I’d like to reach.

Thank you.