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Uncanny Valley - Demo [RELEASED]

A topic by Saint Lazarus created 55 days ago Views: 96 Replies: 2
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Link to the demo ver. of the game via

Information about Uncanny Valley: Uncanny Valley is a horror-based RPG and is soon-to-be more story-rich than it currently is, as well as decorated with my own artwork, rather than RPG Maker MV’s base-kit-generated characters. The demo follows our main character through a tangent of events that can only really be interpreted through the viewers’ own process. I don’t want to explain things - and the demo does a great job of leaving people with questions.

Extra Information: Hello, I’m Saint Lazarus, a 19-year-old college student, and this is the first demo ver. of a game that I have ever released - it’s actually the first game that I have ever worked on. With that being said, the following issues can be found.

What to expect for this demo:

  • Bugs

  • Typos

  • Mistakes

  • Unfinished Story

  • Lack of Interactive Objects

Although it is still being worked on, I have a lot of hope that I can make my true vision for this game come true. Aside from being a newly-experienced game developer, I am also somewhat dappling in music composition, and I am an experienced digital artist.

Art Ex. 1 Art Ex. 2 Art Ex. 3 Link to my Art Instagram, for more examples.

With my experience in some things and my vivid love for story-telling (especially within the horror genre), I am highly enthusiastic about the future of Uncanny Valley. I hope that whoever sees this takes the time to check out the demo and give me constructive criticism - because I know that I will definitely need it in order to make the game more enjoyable to the audience I’d like to reach.

Thank you.

Amazing art!!! Game looks cool too! Did see one typo on the comment from author page ingame.

Thank you! I’ll eventually fix all of the typos I made, but I may miss some from time to time (I usually work on the game late at night [7 PM-2 AM usually], so my brain gets a little fuzzy). I love the feedback, though; it keeps pushing me to do better and work hard towards finishing this game!

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