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Just checking back in, did you manage to make a level? Did you get multiple controllers working?

It should add a player automatically when you press a button on the controller, I don’t know that there’s a way built in to do two on a keyboard though.

You gotta make your own!

The bots should be spawning in with the same stock count as you’ve set for the round, that’s odd. Playing with friends is definitely way better, the menu does pretty specifically call the bots out as being crappy! I’ve heard some very good reports of the game working well over Parsec if that’s an option for you. Feel free to share the game binary as well to entice your friends to play.

Adding the ability to spawn bots from the game menu was a terrible idea of mine! I’m sorry they’re instant KOing, must be spawning too high for some reason. Do they have the same problem if you start a match with them enabled?

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement! We’ve been pretty hard at work on it. Hopefully you’ll like it.

The filenames for the custom levels are “byo_level_fg.png” “byo_level_bg.png” make them the same size as one another and place them in the RebopBlasters_Data directory (should be in the same place as the executable).

The two images need to be the same dimensions, but can be quite large. “byo_level_fg.png” will be loaded such that anything with above zero opacity will be solid, destructible terrain. “byo_level_bg.png” will be placed behind and is a great place to put dumb memes.

I’m glad you enjoyed the game, just felt like a bit of a slap to wake up to. No hard feelings.

Asking if a game is abandoned is rather rude (especially if you didn’t actually pay the dev.) There is no upadate on the way, I provide bug fixes, the discord link is broken because we had an influx of spambots. Have a nice day.

I’ve thought about expanding this into a real lesson at some point, but I’m hampered by not actually being a subject matter expert! I’d add that all of these same properties are true of rotation matrices which are a lot less confusing to work with by hand.

Having only one light in your game is a design decision I can’t recommend enough.

I haven’t tested it in win7, but I think it’s a 64 bit binary. I’m sorry you’re having trouble playing, I’ll try to push a 32 bit binary for you to test.

Ah, so I think I see the problem. The sliders are for some reason being initialized to zero, including players. If you modify them even once all subsequent games should keep those settings. I’ll try to push out a release to fix the lack of defaults when I can. In the meantime I hope this helps!

huh. that is no good at all. I’ll take a look.

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Glad you also found the fun in it! I’ve actually been playing with it the last few days and I think I’ve got a few ideas. I’ll be sure to update here when i do.

Thanks for checking it out, I’m really glad you enjoyed it! Glad we paced it out like we did :)

What thoughtful and kind feedback! I’m really glad you enjoyed your time with it! I’m especially glad the audio made you laugh

I think a lot of the less-good things you point out are things we came to realize in the making: bugs were a late addition and didn’t get nearly as much design time (my fault specifically) and that in the end-game there’s some diminishing value to a lot of early-game activities/being on the ground at all. I think we might expand on things in the future, but it’s edifying to get this feedback.

I need to take a run through a bunch of the other 7dfps games, yours in particular looks rad as hell!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed your bit of time with the game. The vine does indeed get quite big! Climbing the vine is actually a lot of the latter half of the game. The purpose of the fruit is as currency to buy upgrades for the watering cannon. I think there’s some better onboarding we could have done to make it clear that we’re keeping track (we don’t actually show you how much you’ve juiced until you nab the first special fruit) and that you’re collecting things toward some goal.

I’ll be sure to check out your stream, and thank you again for playing our game!

Thank you! Fairly certain it’s 64bit, let me know if you run into any compatibility issues though.

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You’re a beast! Thanks again for the reports and posts, I appreciate your help

That is a relief! I unlocked that number to test performance in an experimental mobile build. Seems there are a few ui sliders that don’t seem to honor their limits (some people have reported sound being at like -10000000)

I really appreciate the report, hope you’re otherwise having fun

That is some rainbow barf! That might technically be a feature unless you can’t turn it back down 😬

You’ve actually got a moment where you can pick the angle if you are good a direction. The default behavior does throw the opponent behind you.

This is actually kind of tough in that it would mess with the joystick auto assign. I’ll give it a shot maybe this week, but please bear with me. On the upside it does work with nearly every controller on the market out of the box, even those weird ones reserved solely for “player 2”

Huh. Guess it somehow got set below zero?

Sorry to hear that can you give her any information about your setup?

hey, sorry it took me so long to respond!

The filenames for the custom levels are “byo_level_fg.png” “byo_level_bg.png” make them the same size as one another and place them in the RebopBlasters_Data directory (should be in the same place as the executable).

Unfortunately, only one player can play on the keyboard at a time because of how I set up auto-joining. It should support nearly every kind of controller though

Glad you enjoyed and sorry again for the very late response

dang, that sucks! no players? can you open any menus? what plaform?

thank you!


I may have accidentally made the bug worse in the version you downloaded. I’ve unfuxed it, hopefully at least it resolves your version of the issue.

thank you thank you, I’ll check back

really any specs you can give me might help narrow things down.

Damn, I thought I had that fixed. I’ll look into it again. Are you using a high refresh monitor or anything? It’s been tough to reproduce on my end

wow, I just found it! 3 year old editor config error

Pushing a new build shortly, thanks for pinging me again!

Huhhhh, I’ll take a peek

I am so glad you had fun with it!

That was not an intentional bug, that’s actually a strange one I’ve only ever seen intermittently and it doesn’t seem to halt things (once you click to acknowledge it). Sorry you ran into it, but at least it was in a reasonably creepy context

Oh! Also, you can paint your own levels. There are two PNG files in the data directory. The foreground one will be marked as solid and destructible. I think they need to be the same size, but they might not.