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and thank you very much for the kind compliment, by the way :)

I'm actually working on it. There's a lot about steam I'm not into at all, but fundamentally it's where a heck of a lot of people shop. Expect to at least be able to wishlist the game in the next week.

As far as I can tell this is a false positive. I'll continue to look into it, but nothing in the game or in Unity appear to be infected on my machine. Again, I do appreciate you mentioning it, I'll continue to monitor it.

I'll look into that. It was compiled on a pretty much new Mac, but I'll do some further digging. I really appreciate the heads up!

This bug should absolutely be fixed now btw

Yeah, that bug would be game breaking if it were actually possible to win :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it, the visual presentation was mostly the result of a brain fart. Hopefully it doesn't hurt the game that much.

I reigned in the wobble a bit and made them quite a bit faster. I also eliminated hitstop on the thrower of a fireball. I think these changes will make them a lot more useful for harassment.


somehow I forgot about this, I'll look into adding a shield kind of thing tomorrow

thanks a lot! Dual shock should absolutely work, what platform are you playing on? Any special drivers?

Sounds are being worked on, more soon.

For those not already aware:

Drop in and introduce yourself.

both excellent ideas! I'll probably try to have a few match configurations (stock, timed, best-of-n) but in the meantime I can at least add a score counter.

I'll put some work into the ring-out area to make it more clear as well.

J/K/L are alternate bidnings for each of the abilities. I've had a lot of trouble with key limits and missing inputs on keyboards to put too much work into it. I seriously lost an entire afternoon thinking I had a controls bug only to find out it was a hardware deficiency in my keyboard. I'm certainly not against adding some sort of system like that for keyboard players in the future though.

P should bring up the menu. You should be able to remap it inside of the controls submenu.

The new build should resolve your issue :)

I'll give that a look. Thanks for the report!

I think I've got the remapping problem solved as well as most of the weird ground interactions. The last one you mentioned is a regression I was really hoping I'd licked before release. As for the triple-punch-to-blast, I think I might need to make a new animation to make that canon. Thanks again for letting me know about all of that stuff.

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Thanks for the report! I'll check it out in the morning. Think I know the issue and it shouldn't be too much trouble.

Edit: holy wow thanks! Some of those are known, some less so. I'll update on those soon too.

What's on your mind? Might be worth adding, please share.

Rebop Blasters community · Created a new topic Bugs

Found any? Let me know please I'd love to fix them.

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you are officially my favorite player. There is actually an incredibly thin window in which you can pick your toss direction. It's wider the larger release I'm working on, but I might see if I can backport it in a more minor one soon. Ideally you'd have at least a quarter of a second to input, right now it's like 10ms.

I'll fix the map select. I removed the torus because it was hella buggy so all you've got for now is the cube and the sphere. Any suggestions for things you'd like to see in future maps?

Hey, just pushed a build that fixes the issue. I have a few more additions to the game that will hopefully make it out to the world this weekend as well. Thanks again for letting me know.

I'll check this out later today. Thanks for reporting it.

Heck yeah! Thanks for sharing! I think I need to add some "how to play" stuff since nobody seems to figure out they can parry.

Greatly appreciated! Check back for more.

Sounds volume can be brought up in the settings menu. Currently there is no music, but there are sound effects.

That is pretty much how you play it. More coming.

You can parry by releasing the movement controls and tapping dodge when your opponent is in range.

So glad you enjoyed it! New updates every week-ish.

Cosmic Rochambo community · Created a new topic Bugs







Cosmic Rochambo community · Created a new topic Changelog
(5 edits)

4/4 Made the visually exciting changes a bit easier to read visually, temporarily removed the torus due to it being pretty janky

4/1 added a secret unlockable character, made many events much more visually exciting.

3/29 Removed all other quality modes but Fantastic. No gains and crappy, illegible text otherwise.

3/26 Simplified the path from main menu to starting a game, shored up some aberrant AI behavior.

3/18 Added 4 AI difficulty modes.

3/11 Added a bit more controller compatibility.

3/5 Increased the minimum speed of a dash, allowed a cancel from a dash into another charge/parry. Also made parrying a bit more forgiving. Began work on a(n as yet unplayable) cooperative boss battle mode.

1/28 quality of life updates (split screen requires quite a bit more distance to come into play, resolution up), special effects when dashing, controls remapping next

1/9 the sphere is now a circular arena. it has a creepy eye in it.

1/1 too much to address, two new levels, visual overhauls, menus, still missing music and some menu settings for ai difficulty and controls remapping but soon.

12/13 addressed xbox 360 mappings, made the split screen a bit less aggressive, also some legibility issues in menus.

12/9 refined close quarters combat, made various visual tweaks (split screen transitions, particle systems), made parrying more frame accurate.

12/8 added close quarters combat when two dodging players collide

12/4 bonus: tweaks to auto-aim, more style.

12/4: joystick and menu navigation fixes from playtesting. way cooler sounds, hit m to enjoy. music someday.

12/3: menus, scoreboard, controls remapping soon.

12/2: re-enabled some particle systems on the players and added a throw.

11/28: added a subtle direction indicator and really subtle aim assist.

11/27: added ai, 0-2 player game modes.

thanks for the kind words, I'll be making some more updates to it soon.

Dang! Glad you came back to give it another try, let alone enjoyed yourself! I've currently got some music in the works, it's not synthwave, but I bet you'll like it. Try entering a famous cheat code.

I've got an experimental level with four players, still plenty of kinks to work out in it though. Be sure to check back. There's a brand new move coming soon.

Thank you so much! I'll fix the 360 controller issue tonight. I've a few thoughts on improving the timing of when it switches to split screen. I'll be making a pass on the menu system (currently clearly an afterthought) this weekend. Specifically I'd like to get score max, sound/music volume, controls remapping, and auto-aim adjustment in. I'll put your zoom distance slider into consideration as well.

I'll look into the flashing. Hopefully your text woes should be fixed. good luck selling your house

what's your resolution? I'll test and fix

Glad you liked it!

The split screen is to accommodate players getting far from one another. if the camera zoomed out farther it would make it too difficult to see the characters. The angle of the split screen is indicative of the angle between the players and can be used as a guide for dashes. The actual distance at which it splits is not set in stone, but I'm not sure of a good way to make it optional altogether.

Go for it.