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I hope that this is just a troll, but I sadly doubt it.  If it focussed on the biases within and between genders/genetics/beliefs/etc., to foster understanding rather than division, THEN it would be worthwhile, but to trumpet a single bias...  Urgh.

No worries!  You can play it for free!

Cool little puzzle game!

Fun little game!  A few thoughts:

  • The controls are really twitchy with mouse/keyboard, and movement is so fast that it can get frustrating while trying to make small movements.  May I suggest a 'Zoom/Slow Toggle' button/key, which doubles the view while halving the character's  movement speed?  This would make placing objects, melee fighting, and driving the truck  sooo much easier.
  • A larger pickup range would be very helpful, as would doubling the time objects stay on the ground before disappearing.
  • Trees tend to explode into planks that fly all over the screen.  I'm assuming that this is a bug.

Well, let me put it this way.  My system can run SW Battlefront at 20+fps.  This runs at 11.  :grin:  Obviously, YMMV, but just try it out and see for yourself.  I found it completely playable even at 11fps.

Friender Bender community · Created a new topic Controls?

Unfortunately, nothing seems to control the menu, and there is no mouse cursor.